All of the following are links to related news and information on Furby accessories and items related. All of these can be found on the Furby News page as well. The main differances is that page covers all Furby news, this page just deals with the products. Newest is at the top, oldest at the bottom. However, some pages are updated from time to time and dated when they are, so scrolling and checking dates might help.

  • Special Limited Edition Furbys 7/15/00
    -Information and images when available. Updated as new info is received.
    -Jester Furby Added
    -Santa Furby Added, plus poem!
    -Tropical Furby added
    -Reindeer and Valentine added.
    -Newest Spring and Baby limited Edition added!
    -Furby for President added.

  • Furby: The New Colors!
    -Updated as new information is collected. 6/12/99 - Updated with image of all new Furbys, including pink!

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