Wednesday December 8, 10:09 am Eastern Time

Company Press Release

ADVISORY/Photo of Gizmo is available on BW PhotoWire/AP PhotoExpress, NewsCom, PressLink and Business Wire's Web Site

The photo is BW1 on AP PhotoExpress.

  • (BUSINESS WIRE)-- The photo is on Business Wire's Web Site

    at URL:

    Photo caption reads:

    Interactive Gizmo is the newest member of the Furby family hitting retail shelves now. Interactive Gizmo reacts to its environment through sight, sound, touch and physical orientation. He can dance, move his eyes, ears, mouth and can interact with Furby and Furby Babies.

    See BW1216 (IL-TIGER-ELECTRONICS) that ran earlier today for more information.

    [If the AP photo is outdated and no longer exists on their server, then I have the same image, only smaller, on my site, you can view Gizmo here.]

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