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The World Eagerly Awaits the Arrival of the Newest Sextuplets!

Furby(TM) Babies Will Be "Delivered" to Retail Stores Soon! Toys R Us - New York City - Herald Square - Gets First Shipment to Launch on Tuesday, August 31

VERNON HILLS, Ill.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Aug. 26, 1999-- Furby is expecting! Mama and Papa Furby are excited for the newest members of the Furby family to arrive...Furby Babies. America is eagerly awaiting the ``birth'' of Furby Babies. Furby fans can soon add Furby Babies to their Furby collections.

Toys R Us in Herald Square, New York City will play host to this special sextuplet's delivery on Tuesday, August 31st. Furby babies will roll-out to other retailers nationwide soon after.

``We're acting like proud parents here at Tiger. We're excited about the `birth' of Furby Babies at Toys R Us. Furby fans will truly appreciate their magic,'' says Roger Shiffman, president of Tiger.

To have the first delivery of the new Furby Babies here at Toys ``R'' Us is magical,`` says Michael Tabakin, Toys ''R`` Us director sales of promotions and licensing. ''Furby Babies and Toys ``R'' Us are great partners, and we are excited about the celebration and new addition to the Furby family.``

Furby Babies are cute, petite versions of Furby with their own baby-like colors and personalities. Like their ``parents'', Furby Babies are animatronic plush pets that are able to interact with the environment. Furby Babies have moving eyes, ears and mouths. Furby Babies will be able to communicate and interact with other Furby Babies and grown-up Furbys through the use of infrared technology and will also speak Furbish and English. In fact, Furby Babies will even ``learn'' to speak English faster. Furby Babies are available in six new fur patterns: pink/white/blue, blue/white/pink, peach/white/yellow, mint green/white, yellow/orange and solid white. Each of these fur patterns are available in four different eye colors: blue, green, gray and brown.

Furby Babies will have lifelike baby responses like going to sleep right after eating, always wanting to play, needing to be burped after a feeding, rocked to sleep and more! Furby Babies will even have their own baby Furbish-English phrases and words, such as ``bah-bah'' for bottle and ``yummy-wah'' for tastes good. Furby Babies have over 233% more phrases and responses than Furby and have a 25% additional vocabulary.

The personalities of Furby Babies will change depending upon how it is nurtured. If you rub its back a lot , it will begin asking for back rubs. If you tickle Furby Babies frequently, it will request to be tickled. Furby Babies know the difference between talking to another Baby or a Furby. Furby Babies will have a more playful and juvenile conversation while talking with each other. Furby Babies will know the feelings and/or the conditions of each other. After a play session one Baby could say, ``You're getting tired.'' The other Baby could respond, ``Yeah, I'm tired. I'm going to take a nappy-poo.''

Furby Babies can be programmed to refer to the gender of its caregiver by saying ``Mommy'' or ``Daddy''. This can be changed anytime. If one Furby Baby hears another Furby Baby asking for its Mommy or Daddy it will start requesting its Mommy or Daddy, too.

Furby Babies will also have three built-in games: Hide and Seek, Furby Baby Says and Follow Baby. Suggested retail: $29.99; Ages 6 and up.

Tiger Electronics, Ltd., a division of Hasbro, Inc., is the leading manufacturer of innovative electronic toys and games for the whole family. Tiger's core products and brands include: Furby®, Sports Feel Games,®.pocket pro portable video gaming system, Lazer Tag®, Talkboy sound novelty toys, and a complete line of electronic family games such as Brain Shift®, Brain Warp®, Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy! Tiger is a leader in licensed electronic favorites, featuring such titles as Star Wars®, NASCAR®, WCW/NWO®, Rugrats®, A Bugs Life®, Winnie the Pooh® and many more.

Hasbro (NYSE:HAS - news) is a worldwide leader in the design, manufacture and marketing of toys, games, interactive software, puzzles and infant products. Both internationally and in the U.S., its Playskool®, Kenner®, Tonka®, OddzOn®, Super Soaker®, Milton Bradley®, Parker Brothers®, Tiger, Galoob® and Hasbro Interactive(TM) products, provide children and families with the highest quality and most recognizable toys and games in the world.

Toys ``R'' Us - The world's leading resource on kids, families and fun currently operates 1,472 stores; 705 toy stores in the United States, 438 international toy stores, including franchise stores, 211 Kids ``R'' Us children's clothing stores and 118 Babies ``R'' Us stores. The company also sells merchandise through its Internet site at and through mail order catalogs.

     Tiger Electronics, Ltd.

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