Furby IR Talker

Various Sources: Furby IR Talkers are a cool way to play with Furby and Furby Babies. Each Furby IR Talker is sculpted with a Furby sitting on a cloud. Hold the Furby IR Talkers in front of Furby and Furby Babies; press the front button of the Furby IR Talkers and the Gabber will make a sound and will then activate a response from Furby and Furby Babies - either talking, singing or moving - all utilizing the infra red technology.

Each Furby IR Talkers has a name, a moving mouth, talks in Furbish and English, sings, makes sounds and has 25 seconds of speech.

Suggested retail is $14.99, requiring 2 'AA' batteries. This should be available to buy in April 1999.

[If you ask me this just helps out the Furby Hacking community... -Kat]

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