New Furbys Prepare for Opening of Toy Fair in New York Sat, Feb 6 1:18 PM 

New Furbys Prepare for Opening of Toy Fair in New York

NEW YORK - Toy Fair presenter Christie Nightingale is surrounded by Furbys, the hot electronic toy by Tiger Electronics, as she poses for a group photo February 5 as the Tiger showroom prepares for the opening of the American International Toy Fair in New York on February 9. In addition to the six original fur styles, there are six new fur patterns and a line of new Furby Babies, a smaller version of the originals with higher voices and baby-like colors. (front row). Photo by Ray Stubblebine/HO/TIGER ELECTRONICS (Reuters)

Various Other Sources: These new Furbys have a few fixes and some a new feature called the 'Deep Sleep Mode' making Furby unable to wake up untill turned completely upside down. Generation Two suggested retail is $30.00 and target date for release is sometime in March-April '99. They require 4 'AA' batteries like their predicessors. The new colors available will be the following:

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