Generation Five Furbys!

Tiger Electronics has done it again! Generation five is out and about and on the shelves! They seem rare to find right now and for a while it was only a rumor that they existed. The rumor said they showed up first in Australia and were only avialable there. Well they might be abailable there, but they are not excusivly there! The US has found them in select areas around the country. They began showing their cute little faces around here about the first week of October!

Not a whole lot is known about the Series five Furbys and if they are made after animals I am not sure what animals! The only one I can guess about is the green/black one - it looks like a Turtle. Oh yeah and the red/brown one has Turkey colors and the yellow/oange one could be another leopard or the like?

Be sure to watch out for these new fellows at your local toy stores, including Toys R Us, Wal*Mart, Target, KBToys, FAO, Shopko, and Wards.

Check out the image I put together below to see them all. The image is a little big so you may need to wait up to 12 seconds for it load. Please do not take this image and put it up on your website, the image belongs here. Same goes for the page background. Thank you.

generation series 5 Furby new colors, new release

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