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Yup, you guesed it, Tiger Electronics did it again! They have come out with 6 brand new colors for us Furby collectors. I have no clue if programing changes where made as I don't own one, as of yet. But the fur colors have changed. I have been informed that on the commercial for them they show a pink Furby, so that color might be the secret color, keep your eye out for these new cuties!

The new colors available will be the following:

Update 6/12/99:
The Furby Post Newsletter was the first Newsletter to announce it 2 weeks ago. Now it's made fact by the media. Tiger Electronics commerial for the new fur colors show the pink Furby and now there is an official Tiger press release telling the new color openly. The new colors are listed in their press release as follows:
- Frog Furby will feature 2 colorful shades of green
- Flamingo Furby has 2 bright shades of pink
- Leopard Furby is white with black & brown spots
- Lamb Furby features white textured fur with tan color
- Elephant Furby is a soft blue & white
- Gorilla Furby is black and brown

I have an big image of all 6 colors together, yes even the pink flamingo, for my visitors to see. Please don't steal this image or post it anywhere else. 6 New Generation Three Furbys. Photo is a little big, give it a few to load.

Specail thanks goes to Brendan, of The Furby Post, for touching up the 6 Furbys photo for me. Individual Images belong to Tiger Electronics. Large image of all Furbys belongs at Mystic Fortress, don't take it please. Furby and all related is © Tiger.
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