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Tiger Electronics newest arrival!

Furby Babies will be here soon, ready to love and eager to play. These new Furby Babies have personalities all their own.

Electronic Furby exclusivly presents you with the newest information on these new Furbys that have yet to hit the stores.

Furby Baby come in the following pastel colors:

  • Solid White.
  • Teal Green with White Tummy, Hair and Feet.
  • Blue with Pink Hair, White Feet and Tummy.
  • Peach with Yellow Hair, White Tummy and Feet.
  • Purple Pink with Blue Hair, White Tummy and Feet.
  • Yellow with Orange Tummy, Yellow Hair and Feet.

I got ahold of an advertisement regarding these new Furbys and scanned it and put it up for you to see. The images are big, give them a minute to load. Please do not steal or post the following images online, they belong here at Mystic Fortress:

Can't read the small writing? Here is the latest information about Furby Babies:

  • 6 Cute cuddly Furby Babies ready to play with and love.

  • Furby Babies have a vocabulary of more then 150 Furbish and English words creating more then 800 phrases.

  • Furby Babies know how to play 3 fun games: "Furby Says", "Follow Furby", and "Hide and Seek."

  • You can mold Furby Babies personailities, teach your baby to be loveable, playful or both!

  • Furby Babies can communication with other Furby Babies or with Furbys through infra-red.

  • Furby Babies include 8 built-in sensors for total interaction.

  • Furby Babies include loads of special surprises... the more you play with them the more they do!

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