Series Generation Eight Furby!

Tiger Electronics has released yet another generation for us to collect. This group is also bright, but there are finally some darker colors in this collection. And even a solid color! I salute you Tiger, for finally doing another solid color. I rather like the solid, less wild, colors.

As mentioned, there is a solid brown Furby with various browns in his make. There is also a brown with white spots Furby, an interesting version of a dalmation. The black and white one is a good idea, it'd be cool to have this version only with a dark blue tummy. :) Speaking of which, the dark blue and black Furby is pretty close, I rather like this color. The red spotted one looks pretty wild. The white and teal one is pretty nice too. Overall I think this generation is pretty cool and very nice looking. Maybe in the next generation they will have a solid blue? I so want a solid dark blue, one similar to the one at Furby Autopsy website :)

Be sure to watch out for these new fellows at your local toy stores, including Toys R Us, Wal*Mart, Target, KBToys, FAO, Shopko, and Wards. At this time they are currently not released, but they should be out there by May '00. Also you may want to check online for them at many auctions such as Ebay and Yahoo! auctions..

Below is an image of the 6 editions of generation 8. I received this image from Matthew, whom is the owner of KiwiFurby website. He kindly gave me permission to display this image on my page. Please do not steal this image for your website, if you want to use it go to Matthew's website and ask his permission. The image is a little big so you may need to wait up to 12 seconds for it load. Please do not take this image and put it up on your website, the image belongs here. Same goes for the page background. Thank you.

generation series 8 furby new colors, new release

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