Generation Four Furbys!

The week of August 15th is a big one for Furby. got a facelift and in doing so, they gave a seek-peek release of the latest in Furby design, the series four Furbys. Many more fun and exciting things to do on the website where also opened up. They also showed images of the Furby Babies and some cute games and the newest Furby, Millennium Furby.

Not a whole lot is known about the Series Four Furbys, but it is said that some are made after animals and bugs. These are the names: Bumble Bee, Ladybug, Squirrel, Dragon, Rainbow (tie-dye), and Cheetah.

Be sure to watch out for these new fellows at your local toy stores, including Toys R Us, Wal*Mart, Target and Wards. KBToys is rumored to be getting their shipments of these and Furby Babies in Mid-September.

Check out the image I put together below to see them all. The image is a little big so you may need to wait up to 12 seconds for it load. Please do not take this image and put it up on your website, the image belongs here. Same goes for the page background. Thank you.

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