Special Limited Edition Furbys

Special Limited Edition Furbys will have their own box colors with a Special Edition Gold Seal. Suggested retail is $30.00, requiring 4 'AA' batteries. Keep checking back, I will update this page as images and information become available! If you have some information that you want to share, please drop me a note, I can always use the help in keeping up with new Furby developments!

Image Description
Spring Furby
  • Spring Furby - A special Furby in purple, yellow and white. (Available - April '99)

    • These are limited to 250,000 and each are individualy numbered on their tags.

    • The first limited edition sold in stores.
hi-c Furby
  • Limited Edition Hi-C Furby - This is the rarest Furby to date. (Available - Feb-April '99)

    • Was only available through a promotional contest.

    • Only 5,000 were awarded.

    • Grey with black spots, white tummy, black mane, orange feet.

    • See this page for more information.
graduation furby
  • Graduation Furby - Black/White Tux Furby makes the perfect graduate when all dressed in its cap! (Available - May '99)

    • Limited to 250,000 and individualy numbered.

    • The difference between the original Black/White Tux Furby is this one has the orange feet instead of white.. it also has the cap.

    • I've been told the some packages have an error on them. The words "play" and "do" are missing from "The more you play with me the more I do."
patriot usa Furby
  • KB Toys Online, Patriotic Furby - Red, White and Blue representing the USA. (Available - May '99)

    • Has a torch and crown, red body, blue and white stared tummy.

    • KBToys.com special edition limited to 72,000 peices, not individualy numbered.
Wizard Furby
  • Toys R Us Wizard - Magic, magic do as you will...! (Available - July '99)

    • This is a Toys R Us Limited Edition Furby, Limited to 90,000.

    • They are not individualy numbered.

    • All Black with Purple Tummy, Purple with Stars cape and hat.
Halloween Furby
  • Autumn/Halloween Furby - Changing fall colors will be a perfect match for this Furby! (Available - Sept-Oct. '99)

    • This Furby is orange with black hair, black tummy and feet, and orange inner ears. Wears a black hat.

    • These are limited to 250,000 and individualy numbered.

    • They only come with brown eyes.

    • They have a different poem on the back of the box, read the poem here!
racing Furby
  • K-Mart Racing Furby - Ready for the races to begin! (Available - Sept '99)

    • Similar to original Tux Furby

    • Black and white with a checkered tummy just like a flag!

    • K-Mart Exclusive. They are limited to 72,000 peices.

    • They are said to only have grey eyes.
millennium Furby
  • Millennium Furby - Furby is getting excited for the new year to begin! (Available - August '99)

    • August 19th, 1999, Green Bay, Wisconsin-based retailer Shopko unveils the first Millennium Furbys in its stores.

    • Shopko has the first 30,000 units of the 250,000-unit Special Edition Millennium Furby. These are more rare Millennium Furbys!

    • Sports the traditional new year's sash. In this case, it says (what else?) "Millennium Furby"!

    • Special Millennium edition, individualy numbered

    • It is said that this Furby only comes with blue eyes.
millennium Furby2 reverse
  • Reverse Millennium Furby - Furby enters the new year with joy! (Available - December '99)

    • These are the remaining 220,000 units (and less rare then the above version), which will be available at all retailers nationwide.

    • Sports the traditional new year's sash. In this case, it says "Year 2000 Furby"!

    • Special limited edition, individualy numbered

    • It is said that this Furby only comes with blue eyes.

    • Click here to read the Millennium Furby story. This story is only on the reverse edition.
Tropical Furby
  • Toys R Us, Tropical Furby - Furby is catching some rays on the sand on vacation! (Available - Oct '99)

    • He has cool shades on his forehead, footware on his toes, and removeable swim trunks!

    • He has a red and light yellow body with big green feet, swim trunks, shoes and glasses!

    • This is a Toys R Us Limited Edition Furby, (Limited to 36,000 peices).

    • Can be ordered for a limited time at the Toys R Us website.
santa holiday Furby
  • Holiday/Santa Furby - This special Furby has a seasonal costume ready to bring Holiday cheer! (Available - Nov '99)

    • He is red with white chest and ears and black feet. He comes wearing a little hat that's red with a large white ball with the word "Furby" inscribed in green on the front of the hat.

    • Holiday Furby is limited to 500, 000 pieces (twice as many as most other Limited Edition Furbys).

    • They have their own poem on the back, read it here!
jester Furby
  • Target, Jester Furby - A very colorful joker! Adorned with clothes and hat! (Available - Nov '99)

    • This is a Target Limited Edition Furby, (Limited to 72,000 peices made).

    • A Target exclusive!

    • Yellow body, blue tummy, pink feet, blue and pink hat, blue and white clothing with green balls.
reindeer furby
  • K*BToys, Reindeer Furby - Wearing a only an outfit a reindeer would, K*BToys releases yet another special limited edition. (Available - Dec '99)

    • This is a K*B Toys Special Limited Edition Furby, (Limited to 250,000?).

    • Might have only brown eyes.

    • Has a santa hat with a belt filled with bells around his waist and is made in reindeer colors.
valentine Furby
  • Valentines Furby - Adorned in the colors of love, a perfect gift for a loved one whom is a true kid at heart. (Available - Jan 2000)

    • Special Limited Edition, numbered out of 150,000

    • Is made in several pinks and reds.

    • Has a heart on his tummy that says "I love you" on it.
Spring 2000 Easter Furby
  • Spring 2000/Easter Furby - Bright colors of the Easter holiday make this the Easter Furby. (Available - Feb 2000).

    • Limited edition of 250,000 peices, numbered.

    • Easter bonnet with flowers, green body, yullow tummy, white feet and white inner ears, pink on the outside.
spring furby baby
  • Wal*Mart Spring Furby Baby - The very first limited edition Furby Baby, adorned in bright colors. (Available - Feb 2000).

    • Wal*Mart exclusive special edition (Limited to 150,000?)

    • I believe they only have purple eyes?

    • They have a lavender body, purple ears, light blue tummy and yellow hair.
royal furby
  • Royal Furby - His majesty will be the king of your Furby castle! (Available - April 2000).

    • Has a big red and gold crown, blue body, red white and black robe with jewel in front, yellow tummy and blue feet.

    • A special edition with a limited number of 136,000 available.

    • Individually numbered.

    • Come with the new purple eyes only.
Furby For President
  • Furby For President - Hail to the chief! (Available - Sept/Oct 2000).

    • TigerToys.com Special Limited Edition. Sold on site only.

    • Each is individually numbered.

    • They have a brown body, white ears, brown tummy and brown hair.

    • They wear a tux with a button that says "Furby For President" and a flag.

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