New Furbys Prepare for Opening of Toy Fair in New York Sat, Feb 6 1:18 PM 

New Furbys Prepare for Opening of Toy Fair in New York

NEW YORK - Toy Fair presenter Christie Nightingale is surrounded by Furbys, the hot electronic toy by Tiger Electronics, as she poses for a group photo February 5 as the Tiger showroom prepares for the opening of the American International Toy Fair in New York on February 9. In addition to the six original fur styles, there are six new fur patterns and a line of new Furby Babies, a smaller version of the originals with higher voices and baby-like colors. (front row). Photo by Ray Stubblebine/HO/TIGER ELECTRONICS (Reuters)

Various Other Sources: Furby Babies suggested retail is $30.00 and target date for release is sometime in May '99. They require 4 'AA' batteries and function simular to regular Furbys.

Furby Babies are cute, petite versions of Furby with their own baby-like personality. Furby Babies are animatronic plush pets that are able to interact with the environment through their senses of sight, touch, hearing and location. Furby Babies have eyes that open and close and moving mouths. Furby Babies will be able to communicate and interact with other Furby Babies and grown-up Furbys through the use of infrared technology.

Each Furby Baby is unique, highly intelligent and is able to learn. When Furby Baby is first turned on he will tell you its name in Furbish. Each Baby Furby will have a name.

When you first play with Furby Babies they will speak to you in their own language, Furbish. Although Furby will initially speak only Furbish, as with any intelligent being in a New World, they will begin to "learn" English and be able to communicate using English words. Ultimately, Furby Babies will use baby-like Furbish and English to communicate with you.

Furby Babies are sensitive to their environment and will react to stimuli like any pet. If they are scared or excited, their eyes will pop open. When happy and content, their eyes will open and close slowly. Furby Babies will also seem to adapt to their environment such that he will not respond to any particular stimulus the same way twice.

Furby Babies like to learn tricks through positive reinforcement. Furby Babies have their own special built-in games, too.

Furby Babies never die. Their memory is stable and will be retained when their batteries need changing. Therefore they will always remember their name, tricks and the English they have learned.

Furby Babies will come in a variety of fur patterns with 4 different eye colors resulting in multiple combinations adding to the complete uniqueness of each Furby Baby.

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