Series Generation Three Furby Babies!

Furby Babies have become nearly as popular as the original Furby and due to this, Tiger Electronics is releasing Furby babies in new Fur colors. They are keeping with the same bright colors in series two, with only a few a little darker. Again, no solid colors, but many wild combinations!

I am not aware if any of these are meant to be animals or any particular characters of any sort. They seem pretty unique in looks and color combo. The Blue/Red one looks like a reverse on one of the adult generation 5 Furby adults and blue/pink combo seems to be a popular choice as it keeps showing up in different generations, adult and babies.

Be sure to watch out for these new fellows at your local toy stores, including Toys R Us, Wal*Mart, Target, KBToys, FAO, Shopko, and Wards. They have not been widely spotted, so you may want to check online for them at many auctions such as Ebay and Yahoo! auctions..

Check out the photo below, I took the picture at my local Toys R' Us store. Sorry for the poor image quality, they do look a little better in person. The image is a little big so you may need to wait up to 12 seconds for it load. Please do not take this image and put it up on your website, the image belongs here. Same goes for the page background. Thank you.

generation series 2 Furby baby new colors, new release

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