Monday June 28, 8:24 pm Eastern Time

Spanish-speaking Furby makes Latin America debut

MEXICO CITY, June 28 (Reuters) - Furby, the sexless pet toy that has reproduced three million times across thew world, has added Spanish to its sound repertoire in a bid to crack the Latin American market.

Hasbro Inc (NYSE:HAS - news) strategists have decided to use Mexico as a beachhead where they will airlift 200,000 of the sneezing, singing, dancing, sulking and wind-breaking stuffed toys that will retail at $30-45 each.

``It's the first Spanish-speaking Furby generation. Collectors are already waiting for it to come out,'' a spokesman for Tiger Electronics Ltd., a division of Hasbro, told Reuters.

``The toys speak between 200 and 300 words, they grow up and after six or seven months they begin to form sentences. They sulk if you don't talk to them and they can catch colds off each other,'' the spokesman added.

Furby stands poised to repeat its U.S. triumphs in the local market, where it could unseat ``Elmo Cosquillitas'' -- ``Tickle-me Elmo's'' Mexican cousin.

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So far the new language Furbys are in Italian, French, German, and Japanese. They are availabe on's website for buying and there might be more possibly languages released soon.

Tiger Toy Store

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