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Welcome to the Interactive Gizmo section of my site. If you came straight here from another web page do check out Electronic Furby, my main index for information on Furby and all Furby related and my main index Mystic Fortress.

Meet Interactive Gizmo, an interactive, animatronic version of the fuzzy Mogwai from the "Gremlins" movies. Using key technology from Tiger’s Furby products, Interactive Gizmo features a vocabulary of over 160 words, utilizes the character’s voice from the film and exudes the lovable personality that charmed millions. Interactive Gizmo interacts with his environment through sight, touch, hearing and physical orientation. He opens and closes his eyes, wiggles his ears, moves his mouth when speaking and dances.

Interactive Gizmo can also communicate with Furbys and Furby Babies via infrared signals. The toy’s electronics are fully integrated; no additional equipment is required.

Gizmo is only available in one color combo and eye color. His name is Gizmo, they do not have seperate names, as they are made after the character in the movie. He does have hiw own language, more so his own slang words.

Gizmo is available everywhere for as little as $26 and up to $35 in most common places.

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