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Welcome to the Furby Babies section of my site. If you came straight here from another web page do check out Electronic Furby, my main index for information on Furby and all Furby related.

Furby Babies are cute, petite versions of Furby with their own baby-like colors and personalities. Like their "parents", Furby Babies are animatronic plush pets that are able to interact with the environment. Furby Babies have moving eyes, ears and mouths. Furby Babies are able to communicate and interact with other Furby Babies and adult Furbys through the use of infrared technology and will also speak Furbish and English. In fact, Furby Babies learn to speak English at a faster rate then adult Furbys. Furby Babies have life-like baby responses, like going to sleep right after eating, always wanting to play, needing to be burped after a feeding, rocked to sleep and more! The best part is Furby Babies have a much bigger vocabulary then adult Furbys. They say all the things adult Furbys say, plus they say their own things, make their own noises, sing their own songs and have their own voices!

Furby Babies are available in six new fur patterns: pink/white/blue, blue/white/pink, peach/white, mint green/white, yellow/orange and solid white. Each of these fur patterns are available in four different eye colors: blue, green, gray and brown. See some pictures of them here!

Furby Babies were delivered via special ambulance to the Toys R Us store in Manhattan on Tues., Aug. 31, 1999, be sure to keep an eye out for them!

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