How do I teach Furby English? Can he learn my name? Does he learn from me?

Unfortunitly no, you don't actually teach Furby English and you can't teach him to speak your name. They only speak what they are programmed to speak and they only 'learn' more English the more you play with him. Furby is programmed to began using more and more English over time. When you first start him, he will only talk 80% Furbish and 20% English, but after 20 hours of play he will finally speak 20% Furbish and 80% English. He goes through four, 3 hour, life stages. The Furbish/English ratio will continue to even out then, once in the finale 4th stage, he will, from there on out, speak 20% Furbish and 80% English and remain this way for as long as he is not re-started.

I missed hearing my Furbys name, how can I get Furby to say his name again?

His name is in Furbish so if he's still speaking Furbish this is difficult and you must know what you are listening for. Before he says his name he will always say "Me" Then he will say his name, "Me ____" The blank being your Furbys name. There are several ways to get him to say his name.

-One definite way of hearing it is by way of one of the Easter Eggs in Furby. If you missed his name and you want to have him say it tickle him 3 times, then pet his back once. He will say "Me ___" The blank being his name. I'll post new ones as I find them out.. you heard it here first :)

-Put Furby to sleep, then wake him up there's a good chance that when he wakes up he will say his name. Usually 2/3 times he will say something, then after that say his name, it usually the last thing he says before he is quiet.

Play Hide and Seek with him, he will say "Me ___, Hide Me".

-If you play Ask Furby with him he may say his name while answering a few of your questions, this may take a few minutes of playing before you hear him say "Me ____".

-You can play a game of Furby Says with him. Once you have done the pattern to start the game with him he will say "Me ___, Listen Me".

-Often when petting him he will say his name, after several times.

-Often he will say his name if you put your hand in from of his eyes a couple of times. But not always. Furby isn't that predictable :)

Furby is sneezing and won't stop, what is wrong and what do I do?

If you Furby is sneezing he has a cold or is sick. Either way he will need lots of TLC which involves feeding and playing games. First thing is feeding. You will need to feed him 10-15 times. Make sure that he is well fed. Lack of food is the reason for sickness. He is also more likely to get sick when he is treated badly and not cared for. After you get done feeding him, then play a game with him. Then try feeding him again. Soon enough he will feel better. Read this information in the manual about feeding and care.

Furbys have different names right? How come I know two with the same names? Can I change their names? Can you give me a list of the names?

Yes Furbys have different names. But the names are actually random. When you start up Furby for the first time he will select his name. He will keep this name, unless he is re-started (don't do it, you'll regret it, it's a last resort. Read this question for info on this). I know this stuff from experience. Furby can have one of 23 different names. Some seem more common then others, but there are 23 names. Name is not based on fur color or eye color or anything like that.

If you would like to change names though, you can. Just simply re-start Furby and he will forget everything he's learned and he will choose a differant name. But don't do this unless you really want, as he will forget his name, and everything he's learned up to now including all English.

What are the names? Here is the list:

I lost my instructions, where can I find a copy online?

Yes I typed out the instructions and put them on my website. Go here to read the Furby Instruction Manual online.

The touch sensors do not seem to be working. I tickle him and rub his back but get no response. Is he defective?

Most likely not. My friend just bought a Furby and the tickle sensor does not respond to really light touch, it has to be pressed hard. So maybe try to press rather firmly (but not too hard) in the middle of your Furbys tummy below his beak. Maybe try the same with the pet sensor switch which is located right above his tail on the mid/lower back.

If Furby does not respond in some way you may have to send him back to Tiger Electronics. Make sure you have a fresh set of batteries, sometimes that is the problem. Oh yes and make sure that the Furby is not playing hide and sleep and is responding to other stimuli (like feeding or light). Make sure he is not playing a game, turn him upside down and if he was he will say 'Kah Toh-dye (me done)', then try the sensors again.

Help, my furby moves and opens eyes mouth etc, I hear his mechanism running but he makes no sound!

I'm sorry to hear about your Furby. Something has most likely gone wrong in the connections.. I've heard about this from several people. I don't have a solution for you. I'd imagine that many things could cause this, but unless you open up your Furby and fix it yourself (are you an electricion/roboticist?) then you should send your Furby to Tiger Electronics Repair Dept. If you've only had him less then 90 days he is still under warrenty. If he's not under warrenty you can still send him to Tiger, as long as it's been less then a year since you purchased him. Check out the last page of the instruction manual for the details on how this is done. I don't know it all so maybe you could ask some other website owners... so far I've never found anyone that knows how to fix this problem and the odd thing it seems it happens to alot of people.

The only advise I can give is to make sure you have fresh batteries in your Furby and you might even try re-starting him (holding down tongue, press reset) and see if that works. My apologies for not having a better answer.

Small update here. I do know how to fix this problem! But for you to be able to fix it you have to void your warrenty and open up Furby and do a little surgery. If you are interested in learning how to do this, then send a blank email to, this is an autoresponder, you will receive the information in your in box in a few minutes after you send the email, automatically. That way you don't have to wait a day or two for my reply, it will arrive right away.

I have seen an ad stating "first edition retired Furbys". Is there such a thing? If so, how do you know the differences? What are the different generations?

When you see that phrase it is refering to the original fur colors. Tiger Electronics retires each generation when they release a new generation of Furbys. Below are the generations so far.

The original six colors are as follows:

  • All White with Tuft & Tail
  • All Black with Tuft & Tail
  • Grey with Black Spots, Pink Tummy, Tuft & Tail (aka Leopard Spot)
  • All Grey with Mane (aka Tabby)
  • Black, White Tummy, White Mane (aka Tuxedo)
  • Grey Tiger Striped, White Tummy, White Mane

To see an image of the original six fur patterns click here and click here! These are retired as of March 12th, 1999. The official retirement occured at FAO Schwartz in New York. RealVideo files can be viewed here.

The second generation Fur patterns are as follows (click on the names to view an image):

The Third generation Fur patterns are as follows (click on the names to view an image):

The Fourth generation Fur patterns are as follows (click on the names to view an image):

There are now up to 8 generations of adults and 3 generations of Babies. They are all pictured in the News links and the Accessories links page.

You can find information about this here:
Furby Retirement and new colors
New Furby Colors.. check it out! 2/13/99
Furby Latest news
Furby accessories
Furby Babies
Special Editions

And at the official site here:

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