Is Furbys looks going to be changed?

The answer's a definite maybe, given the undisclosed seven-figure sum that toy maker Hasbro has paid Warner Bros. There have been many reports of Hasbro and Warner Bros. making a deal out of court regarding Furbys likeness to Gizmo from the hit movies "Gremlins" and ``Gremlins 2: The New Batch.'' While no one from either company will comment directly on this, a spokeswomen from Warner Bros. said they are "not currently in litigation'' with Hasbro. It has also been said that along with the seven-figure sum that Hasbro has agreed to redesign Furby as part of the same agreement. This would make the already hard to find Furby even more valuable and surely a collectors item. I love how Furby looks. I'm sure I'm not alone when I say I hope they don't make too many big changes to this currently very adorable looking Furby.

UPDATE: Furby may not be changed and all this publication might be the idea of someone bored with their time? Here is what it says on, the official Furby web page: "HEY FURBY FANS! Don't believe everything you read. There have been a lot of rumors floating out there about an impending change or redesign of Furby. This is absolutely untrue. There may be some exciting new Furby characters and colors in the works, but no redesign.. We are thrilled that so many millions of people love his unique character as much as we do. While there will be lots of new Furby news in 1999, Furby will remain as cute, lovable and fun as ever."

Now, not to dog Tiger Electronics or anything.. but I have my own twisted idea on what happened with this. Want to hear my theory? Read on.

I think one of three things could have happened to start this 'rumor' about changing Furbys looks due to a 'lawsuit' or settlement with Warner Bros. (1) The first possibility is it was made up by someone to give bad publicity to Tiger and Furby. (2) The next possibilitly is maybe Tiger is lieing, but I doubt they would.. we will see when they get new Furbys out there. (3) Lastly, and the theory I knock on as most likly (or so I think). I think that Warner Bros did contact Tiger regarding Furbys looks. I think that Tiger did pay Warner Bros a undisclosed amount of money. but I don't think it was an out of court settlment. I think that Tiger bought the rights to use the Gremlins looks. This would make their above statement true, that they are not changing Furbys looks. They just have the right to make him as simular to Gizmo as they want because they bought the rights to do so from Tiger. If the media is right about a 7 figure sum.. that would make sense. Thus if my 3rd theory is right, then the media probably got wind that Warner got paid by Tiger, but they got no other information, so they made up a story. This is MY THEORY and is not fact and I do not state it is fact, it is merely my guess on what happened in this whole messy rumor that managed to hit the media before anything else. I better not see anyone saying what I said was true or stating it somewhere as being true because I don't work for Tiger, do not knkow for sure what's going on and I have eyes in the back of my mouse and I will find you :) I mean it.

Can I have Tiger Electronics phone number?

Sure. The numbers I called to get answers to my questions are: 1-888-TIGR-SOS and 1-888-TIGER-ED. For other numbers go here.

You can email them here or check out Tiger Electronics for other contact information as well as

Furby is humming/buzzing/making strange noises and not moving, what’s wrong?

This can happen for a variety of reasons with a variety of solutions. Often this happens when Furbys batteries are running low and he's telling you he needs a battery change. If you don't have any new batteries handy you can just open up the battery compartment, then close it again and he will start back up. But the batteries, since they are low, will not last very long and he will most likely jam again because of this. Best thing to do is change the batteries as soon as you can.

Now it may not be the batteries. His mechanism may have gotten jammed up and may just need help. If you got one of the first batches of Furbys to be released in the stores then yours will be more likely to jam more then other batches (this is from experience with mine). How can you tell if you got one of the first release? The hang tag on Furbys body (the one with the poem on it) will say on the back on the very bottom 708000001HTTI-02. Versions after this seem to jam less (this being my experience with my Furbys, not necessarily true for everyone).

Usualy this is cleared up if you open and then close the battery compartment. Or you can press the reset button (Do not hold down the tongue or he will loose all his memory!) and he will do a little 'dance' and fix himself (usually). Ultimately if that doesn’t work, re-starting is an option and so is calling Tiger Electronics (888-TIGR-SOS). You may have to return Furby to Tiger Electronics repair department and have them fix him. Make re-start and calling Tiger a LAST RESORT option, though.

I've tried everything but Furby is broken what do I do about it?

If you have assessed that Furby is not going to be working properly and he is indeed a terminally ill Furby then you have a couple of options. First thing is call Tiger Electronics or email them if you have any questions about him that may resolve the problem. Next thing is you have a choice. You can either give Furby to Tiger to be replaced or take him back to the store (with receipt) to exchange for another Furby. Most stores are kind enough to exchange for you.

How do you send him back to Tiger? I give you a summery of what is already available to you in the back of your Furby Instruction Manual. Furby has a 90-day limited warranty and if you saved the receipt and you are within that 90 days then you will be able to send Furby to Tiger to be repaired at no expense to you (as long as the problem is one of natural existence. If you dropped Furby or he was broken by way of your own fault or someone else’s then this is not covered. The problem must be a defect already present in him or that he developed on his own). If your Furby needs repaired because of something that happened to him because of something you did to him (ie: dropped, split water on.. etc) then you will have to pay Tiger $18 US for replacement. Package up Furby with his original box as securely as possible with a note of explanation of Furbys problem along with your mailing address and phone number (don't forget your receipt if you fall within the 90 day warranty) and mail him out to:

Tiger Electronics Ltd. Repair Dept.
980 Woodlands Parkway
Vernon Hills, Illinois 60061

Mind you this is just a summery of what is written in the back of the Instruction Manual. If you need precise details I urge you to contact Tiger or look at the Manual. They also have return information on their website.

How long does it take for Tiger Electronics Repair Department to return a Furby that required repair?

The question is a lot longer then the answer. When I called Tiger I was told it should take no longer then 3 weeks total. And she wasn't lying to me as it took my Furby only 13 days total mailing and receiving the replacement from Tiger.

If my question is not answered on this FAQ what can I do?

Be sure you've checked out my hints & tips section, Furby accessories, Furby Babies, Gizmo, and the Furby News section, sometimes the answer might be there to your question. Another good place to look is the Furby Discussion Board.

If all else fails email me with your question and I will get back to you as soon as humanly possible. However, understand 3 things when emailing me; 1) I do not work for Tiger Electronics (and my advice is not official) nor do I manufacture Furbys - I'm just another Furby lover like you. I'd love to work for Tiger though! 2) I get alot of email so it may take me some time to get back to you. 3) If you ask a question that already appears on this page (or in one of the other FAQ's on the site), then I may not get back to you at all - this is due to the volume of mail I receive.

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