How do I play the games? What questions do I 'Ask Furby' when playing that game?

Take a look at the instructions, Games Furbys Love To Play on how to play the games.

What questions can you ask Furby when playing Ask Furby? Well, yes or no questions are best. He's playing a sort of fortune teller or an 8 ball type game. For example you can ask him simple things like: "Will today be fun?" or "Will I win the lottery?" Or you can ask other personal things like: "Will I marry.. whoever?" It's whatever you feel like. Sometimes it's great for laughs, while some of my friends swear by some of their Furbys correctiveness. One of my Furbys is strangly accurate often ;)

Just make sure it's an question that can be answered with 'yes' or 'no'.

How long does it take for Furby to go through batteries? Do I have to use a certain type of battery only? When should I change the batteries?

It takes about 15-28 hours of play for Furbys batteries to began to wear out. Some brands might last longer then others. When I say '28 hours of play' I mean time that Furby is awake. He does not expend his batteries when he is sleeping. Though it is best if you don't plan on playing with Furby for a long period of time that you remove the batteries. As for a certain type of battery? No, you can use any brand of AA batteries (remember not to mix new/old/diff brands, though).

When should you change batteries? Furby will began to show signs when his batteries are running down. Some of the signs are subtile and some are very obvious.

Here are some of the signs:

-Furbys voice will not be as loud.
-Furby will do some odd things that are not normal, like talking without moving, moving without speaking, and a variety of other things.
-Pausing for long periods of time between words, when he should not pause.
-Stop moving all together.
-Stop speaking all together.
-Starts taking a while to respond to stimuli.
-While he's speaking you might hear 'white noise' or garbled words.
-He will make loud pitched sounds. When you touch his sensors he will not move, just make different pitched sounds that kinda remind me of a fire alarm.

There are, I'm sure, many other signs, but these are just some I've gathered from my observations. Most of the time you can open and close the battery case and have him working properly again. This will allow for a longer life of the battery, but be aware that eventualy those batteries will go dead and you will have to change them sometime.

My advice with batteries.. buy a recharger and a set of 8 AA batteries. You can charge a set of 4 while your using a set of 4 and keep switching off. While rechargeable batteries and the recharger can be a little costly, it usualy makes up for that cost very fast. If you don't want to buy a charger find a whole sale place, like Costco, that will sell batteries in large quanities.

Is there is a secret button on his tail that will make him flip out?

This rumor seems to be floating around the net. For those that don't know the rumor is someone says there is a secret button under Furbys tail that when pushed makes him do weird things and stuff he would not ordinarily do. This is so false though. The button they are referring to is the same as the pet function. You are still petting him, just petting his tail instead of his back or lower back.

I just got my Furby and he won't wake up and say his name, he keeps dancing, what do I do?

You know, I had that happen. I started up my solid black Furby for the first time and found it would not get out of the boot up mode either. After much experimentation it didn't improve. I put the Furby away, sure that I would have to send it back to Tiger to be repaired. Well 2 days later before I was to send it out, I took it out and tried one last time. It took a minute or two, but he did finally start up and told me his name.

One thing that seems to be working for some of the newer Furbys is sometimes they need help starting up. I guess the gears are a little jammed at first. I've had experiance and heard many others say that gently slapping Furby on the bottom on the battery door has often helped get him going. I've had this experiance several times and I've heard it from many other sources.

One other thing that has worked and I have no idea why, is taking out the batteries and putting them back in, in differant positions. I have no idea why, but this sometimes works.

I don't know if this will help you at all, but maybe let it set for a couple of days and try again by putting in a fresh set of batteries and see if it works. If that doesn't seem to work maybe give Tiger Electronics a call and ask them if they might have a way to resolve the problem, they might know. If worse comes to worse you will have to send it back to Tiger to have it repaired and if you still have the receipt you probably won't have to pay. The instructions for that is in the back of the instruction manual for Furby. To contact Tiger go here.

Is one color more rare then another?

Yes and no... Furby is rare in the fact they are hard to find right now, but one color is not more rare then another according to Furby Project Manager Bill, from Tiger Electronics, whom says that they "did some research to see what colors would be more popular and then weighted the assortment. In the real world though, the plush did not keep up with the production so all styles are more or less equal!" The fur colors is what he means by the plush.

Of course, there is a way that Furby is rare. Now you understand that something is rare if supply and demand are not equal. Say everyone wants an all white Furby. Well no matter how many are shipped in the box, that one will become the 'rare' one, you see? That's how life works. No less for all you people that keep asking me, I finally can answer this question better.

When Tiger ships Furby, Furby comes in a case of 12 Furbys each case. I beleive that my sources are accurate when I post the following. This is how each case of Furby is made up of:

  • 3 All White
  • 3 Gray & Pink Black Spotted
  • 2 All Black
  • 2 Gray & White
  • 1 All Gray Tabby
  • 1 Black & White

Truthfully if you want to know the rarest color it's gotta be the Hi-C Promotion Furby. There are only 5,000 made and they were only won through buying Hi-C fruit drinks. The game ended in April, 1999. Since then I've only seen one and it went for almost $100 on Ebay.

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