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Update: 12.21.06: Tamagotchi School / TamaSuku section added.
Update: 12.15.06: Tamagotchi Connection Version 3 Codes.
Update: 11.01.06: Tamagotchi Social Sphere Chat Forums is Online!

Tamagotchi Connection / Plus is Here!

HK and US Tamas with Eggs

The wait is over! After all these years, emails, discussions, begging and pleading, Tamagotchi Fans finally get another Tamagotchi Product — the Tamagotchi Connection (Connexion, or Tamagotchi Plus in Japan). Yay Bandai!

This new Tamagotchi has been improved greatly over its predecessor. The animations are more detailed, there are some familiar and some new characters, and there is much more to do then play one game and feed a snack this time around. These Tamagotchi not only have children (similar to Mesu/Osu) but they also can visit other Tamagotchi friends via Infrared. When together, the two Tamagotchi can play games, interact, exchange gifts and if that special someone is found, they may have a family.

This site contains information I have experienced myself, found in news pieces or pulled from the Bandai Tamagotchi Connection press kit. Expect new information to be added as I experience my Tamagotchi Connection for the first time over the next several weeks. Interested in my progress? Check out the logs section to read up on what is happening with my Tamagotchi.

I hope you find this new addition to Tamagotchi Planet to be of value. Let me know what you think via email or over in the Tamagotchi Social Sphere forums.

Thank you and enjoy the site! ^_^

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