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Tamagotchi Connection / Plus Gallery

My Tamagotchi Connection Images
US Version in mailing package Hong Kong Version in package
US Version with ribbon Hong Kong Version top of package
US Version in cardboard box Hong Kong Version out of package
Early Adoption Application [for Media] Hong Kong & US Versions with Eggs
US Version: Ichigotchi Teen US Version: Mametchi
US Version: Hinotamatchi Mametchi Closeup
Mametchi Brushing Teeth  

Tamagotchi Connection U. S. Version Set
(Bandai Media Product Images)*
Tamagotchi Blushing Plush Tamagotchi Treat Keeper Plush
US Version Top View US Version, Purple
US Version, Green US Version, Light Pink
US Version, Orange US Versions, Communication via IR
US Version, Dark Pink  

*Media Product Images courtousy of Bandai America Incorporated

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