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Welcome to Mimitchi.com.

Welcome, all life forms! Here you will find paths that lead to the different areas of Tamagotchi Planet. Please don't litter and don't eat any of the creatures you find. Look around and do enjoy your stay.

06/09/2014: I have created a new blog. This blog is not about Tamagotchi or Virtual pets, it is just about random randomness. I hope you give a chance and enjoy it. Open Road: Echoes in the Dark: Thoughts on life and other randomness.

Before you choose a path, let me tell you a little bit about your choices:

Buy Tamagotchi on Amazon: I get a lot of people who ask me where to buy Tamagotchi. Follow this link to Amazon, they have some good stuffs there.

Tamagotchi FAQ: Please visit here before emailing with questions. You questions answered here with growth charts and others. Where to get Japanese Tama's info is here.

Tamagotchi Tips: How to get the character you want on Gen1/P1 and Gen2/P2 Tamagotchi. Includes animated gif's and my opinions based on my experiences.

Tamagotchi Comics: Read about the latest Tamagotchi Comic Adventures. An original Tamagotchi comic story brought to Tamagotchi Planet.

Tamagotchi School / TamaSuku: English Guide, Logs, Characters and more.

Tamagotchi Connection: The newest Tamagotchi, images, logs, news and more.

Tamagotchi Ocean: Ocean Tama Information, Images and Logs.

Angelgotchi Alley: Angel Information, Tips, Images and more.

Osutchi & Mesutchi: Information on these mateable Tamagotchi from Japan.

Osutchi & Mesutchi Tamagotchi Logs: My experiances with Mesu & Osu.

Morino Tamagotch: Information and images. All original animations and information based on personal experience.

Morino Tamagotch Logs: The first two logs of my first hatched Morino's. Detailed day to day logs with animations. In memory of FunKorogatchi and Kabutotchi. Further Morino info is detailed in Tamagotchi Logs.

Tamagotchi Logs: 160+ logs on the events in my Tama's lives and a list of every Tama character I've had since day one. Update 07/11/2016: New log added!

A Glimpse of Tamagotchi: My scanned Images and descriptions.

My Tamagotchi Collection: My personal collection.

Mimitchi Tamagotchi: In loving memory of Mimitchi.

Tamagotchi Addiction Test: Hey I'm addicted so why not find out if you are?

Tamagotchi CrossWord: This is a simple but fun crossword.

Tamagotchi Madlibs: Remember that 80's game... ?

Tamagotchi & Virtual Pet Fan Fiction: Read others stories, or send in your own.

Tamagotchi Social Sphere: Post messages and chat with other Tamagotchi fans.
Update 12/22/2013: Offline for now due to technical issues with my hosting service.

Rated Tamagotchi Links: Virtual Pet and related links, described and rated to help you find what you're looking for on the web.

Mystic Fortress: The main index of mimitchi.com.

Updates on Facebook: History of mimitchi.com updates. Always updated when anything new is added or changed. Old updates page.

Awards: I won some awards, who woulda' thunk?

Email Me: Please read this before emailing me questions, thanks!

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