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Tamagotchi Connection Characters and Stages

Babytchi (boy) Babytchi (boy) Baby Cute little baby boy
Babytchi (girl) Babytchi (girl) Baby Sweet little baby girl
Marutchi Marutchi Toddler Spoiled brat that loves to roll around
Kinakomotchi Kinakomotchi Toddler More active then Marutchi and loves to jump
Ichigotchi Ichigotchi Teen Sincere, a little hasty, loves to dance and creates original dances everyday
Young Mimitchi Young Mimitchi Teen Sincere, looks like Mimitchi, always says, "I wanna be a grown-up like Mimitchi!"
Oniontchi Oniontchi Teen An average Tamagotchi in the middle of its rebellious age; loves to sing loudly in its room all the time
Hinotamatchi Hinotamatchi Teen An average Tamagotchi; rebellious and loves Rock 'n Roll
Mametchi Mametchi Adult Sincere, brilliant and polite
Mimitchi Mimitchi Adult The most popular Tamagotchi, it is sincere, a genius with an IQ of 200 and loves math and writing
Kuchipatchi Kuchipatchi Adult Average Tamagotchi, is mild and lazy but also very romantic
Memetchi Memetchi Adult Average Tamagotchi with cute, remarkable eyes; always stares and says, "You're being mean to me!" if its opinions are objected
Tarakotchi Tarakotchi Adult Naughty Tamagotchi, impatient and chatty; often tumbles
Hanatchi Hanatchi Adult Frail Tamagotchi; looks like a snake and has a big remarkable nose; suffers from pollenosis every year
Robotchi Robotchi Adult Frail Tamagotchi; very human-like although it looks like a robot; is always in love
Masktchi Masktchi Adult Stubborn Tamagotchi; very shy and always wears a mask to hide its face
Gozarutchi Gozarutchi Adult Stubborn Tamagotchi; longs to be a Japanese Ninja so practices throwing knives

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