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Tamagotchi Ocean Logs Two

These Tamagotchi Ocean Logs are written separately from my Tama Logs. This log covers my experience from September 21st to September 27th, 1998. This Tamagotchi Ocean is a US version. Enjoy!

September 21st, 1998. Monday, 2:50pm: I decided that I want to hatch Tamagotchi Ocean again and see if I can do better this time around. Instead of hatching my Blue/Bubbles Ocean I decided to open up my White/Blue, Purple, Pink Waves, with white border and pink buttons Ocean Tamagotchi.

Tamagotchi Ocean Egg

This time around I am hoping for any adult, but I am going to skip one discipline in each stage and make sure that meter doesn’t get filled to 14 marks but only 12 each stage. Maybe this will help differ what character I end up with? I don't know.

Tamagotchi Ocean baby fish Planktontchi

At exactly 2:55pm my Ocean hatched into this little guy. The egg started going fast on the screen from right to left and about 2 or 3 times later I saw Planktontchi dashing across the screen and on his final round he slowly came on the screen and stopped in the middle, then beeped because of course he's all empty on everything. I am trying to take really good care of him, despite the fact he's so very needy in this stage.

Plankton-chi: He grew up with several tens of thousands of childhood friends and relatives, but thanks to Predators and other agents of natural selection, he is currently all alone. Perhaps as a result of this, he has only, world-weary, anguished eyes for such a little baby. He is very independent, and plans to leave the Tamagotchi Ocean to search all the seas in the world for new friends.- Translation from <Aurora Minui's Ocean Page

The one thing I am disappointed about with this Tama is that winning the game 5 vs. 0 only fills one heart. I guess I got too used to it filling 2 empty hearts like on Tamagotchi Angel. Considering the game is difficult I think they should have put this in, but oh well.

Tamagotchi Ocean baby fish Kuragetchi

At exactly 1 hour and 1 minute Planktontchi entered the second half of the baby fishie stage, he is now the Kuragetchi.

Kurage-chi: He's always floating around, but not because he's lazy: he just hates to swim! However, when he really feels like it, he can swim faster than anyone else. (Although most people don't know about this, since he can only swim up and down.) There's an utterly false rumour going around the Sakana-chi [Fish-tamagotchi] crowd that says that the Kuragechi has a poisonous sting. As a result, Kuragechi is surrounded by fawning Sakanachi who are afraid of his "poison". (The Kuragechi is under the mistaken impression that he's just "very very popular"].- Translation from Aurora Minui's Ocean Page

After much neediness and pooping a couple of times he went to bed at 7pm, the lights went out on their own as the sun was going down at that time.

Tamagotchi Ocean Kuragetchi Sleeping

Wednesday, September 23rd: Well Kuragetchi is but 2 years old today and is he usual needy self. While the last couple of days I've been busy working and I've had company over so I haven't had time to write logs. Thus of course I haven't done any tallying of his neediness. No less I will say that he's very needy and I felt myself rather lucky that he's still alive as I've bee to the mall a lot lately and it's rather loud there. I have suspicions that he got attacked once though, because while I was in one of the stores he got sick and I had to give him seven shots of medication to get him well! Other then that I think he's been okay, other then that neediness that is.

It really is hard to live normal with him sometimes. It's not always that easy to care for him and be done in thirty seconds. For example, this morning I was playing the game with him and I found an octopus in one of the chests. So this means that I had to flush the screen four times because it was black and refill all four hearts. Well after I flushed the screen, I started playing another game with him and right in that first game in the third chest I found the octopus again! So I had to repeat this again until I managed to get him all filled up and happy. It's hard to deal with it at work, so sadly I found myself feeding snacks when I just couldn't care for him, while later I work off the weight. Either way I think this is a guaranteed way of getting an unhealthy character! Well, I hope.

After the first day his discipline was filled entirely. I didn't mean to fill it all the way, but I accidentally did. I won't in the next stage. Tonight he went to bed with only one empty heart on hungry, full on happy, clean water all the way, 27 lb. 2 years.

September 14th, Thursday: I've been working this week, thus I haven't had as much time to work on my page as much as normal. While today I had the day off, I neglected to keep track of Kuragetchi's schedule, as it seems pretty normal... for an Ocean Tama that is. He's pooping about 7 times a day still and his discipline got filled up all the way already.

This evening right after I got out of the shower Kuragetchi changed! It was a little after 6:30pm. Sadly he changed into Otototchi, but that's okay, I just hope I get a different character this time, variety is the spice of life!

Tamagotchi Ocean Otototchi

Ototo-chi: He may not look impressive, but this Sakanachi is quite a character... a bit of a Renaissance-fish, in fact! Those things sticking out of his body aren't fins, but are in fact his arms. He works out his arms everyday by doing push-ups, but no-one knows why... perhaps it's to taunt that jerk of a Black Bass by fly-fishing, or perhaps it's so that he can someday acheive the honour of becoming the Tsukkomi in traditional Kansai-region Comedy? His hobbies also include looking for treasure in sunken ships. [Note: He swims off and on screen, unless he's got a poop or skull following him, in which case he sort of "paces" by always going in the same direction. When he was being naughty and selfish, I could have sworn I saw him swim backwards...]- Translation from Aurora Minui's Ocean Page

Once again, when he got into this stage he seemed much less needy then when he was in the baby fishie stage. While still much needier then normal, it's much easier to care for Ocean while in this Kodomo-sh stage. Plus I'm getting used to Ocean's neediness, after so long of having Ocean around it will most likely get easier and easier, so far it seems to be that way.

By the time Otototchi went to bed he was a little over half filled in discipline and perfectly happy when he finally did go to sleep at 9pm.

Tamagotchi Ocean otototchi Sleeping

Saturday September 26th: Well, today I figured it would most likely change. So this morning when Otototchi asked for its final discipline I decided to keep it at 12 lines, instead of filling it to 14 lines. Well I felt I was rather neglectful towards my Ocean this time around and this time I hoped I would get Kujiratchi (Ginji whale) or even the clam, Kaitchi.

I must say that when I was ignoring the discipline I watched the screen and when I tried to play the game with him, then pushed cancel Otototchi actually swam off the screen backwards! He was being so naughty! I couldn't help but to laugh it was so cute!

Well, before the attention light even went off from the discipline call, I heard that familiar changing music. I debated looking at Ocean... I had no clue what I'd get. You can imagine my surprise when I looked at Ocean to find it had changed into the character at the top of the chart, Taiyakitchi!

Tamagotchi Ocean Taiyakitchi

Taiyaki-chi: [Red Snapper-shaped cake filled with Red Bean paste] He left the ocean to voyage on the land, but he never could get the salt-water out of his veins, and so he returned to the Tamagotchi Ocean. His tummy is filled with sweet, sweet red bean paste (made from fresh azuki beans from Hokkaido). (As a result, his tummy is always surrounded by hungry Baby-fish and Kodomo-sh who have a sweet tooth.) Because he was quite popular at a Taiyaki yatai [stand] in Kyushuu, he speaks with a Kyushuu accent. He's best friends with another taiyaki [Red Snapped shaped cake] who's filled with cheese sauce. - Translation from Aurora Minui's Ocean Page

He is only 5 years old today; his discipline went from 12 to 6 lines when he changed. His weight is now minimum of 8 lb. He shows his teeth when he's happy and he sticks out his tiny tongue when he gets upset, it's so very cute! I still miss KeroPyonkotchi, but this guy is really sweet too :)

It didn't even take 4 hours before I had his discipline filled up entirely. I will also note that he got attacked a whole lot today as well. Once I didn't tap hard enough on the screen so the polar bear chased my Ocean off the screen and then Taiyakitchi slowly came back on the screen looking sad, he was sick and required two shots of medication. Poor little guy.

After watching a really funny movie, There's Something About Mary, Taiyakitchi went to bed at 8pm, he will sleep until 9am I'm sure.

Tamagotchi Ocean Taiyakitchi Sleeping

September 27th, Sunday: You know I knew I would have something to write today... just didn't think it would be what it is. I am not sure what it is, but I've had others write me and say their Ocean's die young too. Well this guy is supposed to be the 'best' character and yet he died today at age 6! I can't believe it! He left me tonight at 7:27pm. I just got him. There is no time to get attached at all here... they just come and die on me. Is it because I have fed snacks on occasion then worked it off? Do snacks really affect Ocean? I don't know. I will make sure I find that out next time I hatch an Ocean which will prolly be in a week or so, not right away though. Whatever I did wrong, I'm sorry Taiyakitchi. So long my friend...

Tamagotchi Ocean US Death

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