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Tamagotchi Ocean Instruction Manual


Before starting your Tamagotchi Ocean:
Remove the insulated tab from the side of the body. The toy will beep when it is started.


With a pointed object, press the button in the back, and the toy will reset. You will hear a beep to confirm your action.
NOTE: Do not apply too much pressure on the reset button.


NOTE: The buttons are identified by letters. From left to right: A (Select), B (Execute or Switch To Timer) & C (Cancel)
Press the B button to set the timer.
By pressing the A button, the hours will increase.
By pressing the B buttons, the minutes will increase.
Select the C button.
Return to the main screen by pressing the B button again.
After about 5 minutes, your Tamagotchi Ocean will hatch!!

  1. If the timer has not been set, your Tamagotchi Ocean will not hatch!!
  2. While waiting for your Tamagotchi Ocean to hatch, only the timer and reset functions are available.


When Tamagotchi Oceans starts beeping, please check the icons to see if its needs anything.
Press buttons...
"A" to scroll through the icons, "B" to select, "C" to cancel an icon!
When you need some help understanding what Tamagotchi Oceans needs, check the Health Meter icon.
(To see how to take care of your Tamagotchi Ocean, see "Health Meter" section.)

(Explanation of the icons)

When your Tamagotchi returns home in its submarine, you will not be able to select any of the icons.
If you would like to cancel the icon that you have selected, press the C button. If you are not to the main screen, press the C button again.


Scroll through the icons with Button A and select the Health Meter icon with Button B to see the current status of your Tamagotchi Ocean. Press the A or B buttons to scroll though "Age & Weight", "Water Quality", "Hunger", "Happy" and "Discipline". Press the C icon to return to the main screen.

Age & Weight: You will how old it is and how much your Tamagotchi Ocean weighs.

Water Quality: You will be able to see how dirty the water is. The more contaminated the water is, the more skills will be black. When all 4 skulls are black, the screen will become black also. When this occurs, select the Bathroom icon to clear the screen.

Hunger/Happy: There are 4 hearts. When the Tamagotchi Ocean is born, it starts from hungry and unhappy. The more full and happy your Tamagotchi is, the more hearts will be filled.

Discipline: It will start from zero. The better discipline your Tamagotchi is, the fuller the meter will be.


Scroll through the icons with Button A and select the Food icon by pressing B. Then scroll though the food selection, "Meal" or "Snack", by pressing A and select the food by pressing B.


Play a game with your Tamagotchi Ocean by scrolling through the icons with Button A, and selecting the Game icon by pressing B. The Treasure Chest Guessing Game begins!! Press either the A or B button to select the right or left treasure chest. When the treasure chest opens, if the treasure is inside, you win!! If your find the treasure 3 out of 5 games, you will gain happy points. Press C to cancel the game, or the game will continue on indefinitely. If an octopus appears during the game, the water will become contaminated and the game is over!!


If your Tamagotchi Ocean makes a mess, scroll though the icons by pressing A to the bathroom icon and press B. You can also use this icon to clean up the water when it becomes contaminated.

CALLING BOX (To ward off the enemies!?)

You can call your Tamagotchi Ocean by scrolling through the icons with the A button and pressing B to select the calling box icon. If Tamagotchi Ocean is calling for your attention for no reason, also use this icon to discipline it. (See the following for when Tamagotchi Ocean needs discipline.) When you discipline it, it will beep at you to apologize.

Discipline Tamagotchi Ocean if it is ...
  • Unhappy but will not play a game with you.
  • Hungery but will not eat a meal.
  • Sick and will not take the Medicine.
  • Wanting attention when it is full and happy.


If you were not successful in warding off the enemies, your Tamagotchi Ocean will be wrapped up in bandages. heal its wounds by scrolling through the icons by pressing A and selecting the Medicine icon by pressing A until the bandages are gone.


Scroll though the icons by pressing button A and go to the Light icon and lights. Make your selection by pressing B. Press A again to scroll through the selection of turning on or off the lights. Make your selection by pressing B.
When you see that your Tamagotchi Ocean is asleep, make sure that you turn off the lights . (During Tamagotchi Oceanís sleep, you will only be able to check the [The sentence on the instructions actually ends right there! But I believe the rest of the sentence is supposed to be ".. you will only be able to check the Health Meter." -Kat]


When your Tamagotchi Ocean wants attention, make sure that you give it attention while the attention icon is highlighted.


When Tamagotchi Ocean is taking a nap during the afternoon, it may call out to you:
If you look closely, you will see an enemy at the edge of the screen. Do not panic! You need to wake Tamagotchi Ocean up by following the instructions that follow.

  1. Scroll thought the icons with the button A and select the calling box with button B.
  2. Tap the screen gently and hopefully you will be able to wake it up. (There will be times when it will wake up right after you call it and before you tap the screen.)

NOTE: Do not tap the screen too hard.

If you do not make it in time, and Tamagotchi Ocean gets hurt by the enemy, make sure you give it medication. To give it medication, scroll though with button A and select the Medicine icon with button B.


If you see a submarine, that means your Tamagotchi Ocean has returned to its home. Press C to see how old it was when it left. Press C again to return to the main screen.

When you would like to hatch a new Tamagotchi Ocean, press the A and C button simultaneously. A new egg will appear on the screen and it will hatch in 5 minutes.


Replace the batteries if the screen becomes dim or weak or [a battery with a slash through it] appears on the screen.

  1. Loosen and remove the two battery cover screws.
  2. Remove the battery cover and the batteries.
  3. Insert 2 new LR44 batteries. make sure to match the positive (+) and negative (-) signs properly.
    NOTE: Be sure to use both new batteries, do not mix old and new batteries. Do not mix alkaline, standard or rechargeable batteries. Dispose of used batteries properly.

  4. Replace the battery cover and tighten the screws into place.
  5. Press the reset switch on the back of the toy with a pointed object.
  6. Reset the Timer and a new Tamagotchi Ocean will hatch in about 5 minutes!
CAUTION: Battery may be harmful if swallowed.


(To reset, see "Setting The Timer" section.)

  • When you first start your Tamagotchi Ocean.
  • When you change the batteries.
  • When your Tamagotchi Ocean is not working properly.
  • When none of the functions are working.
  • When the screen looks strange.
  • When you would like to raise a new Tamagotchi Ocean
REMEMBER: Do not press the reset button too hard with a sharp object.
Do not press the reset button other then the times indicated above. (It is extremely sensitive.)


When you are at the main screen, press the A and C buttons simultaneously, then you will hear a beep to confirm the sound is off. Press the same buttons again to turn the sound back on.


When the main screen is visible, and there are no icons lit, press the B button and bring up the timer screen. Press B again to return to the main screen.

Press the B button to show the timer. Then press the A and C buttons at the same time to see the timer reset screen. Please see "Setting The Timer" section to restart the timer.

The timer canít be reset if your Tamagotchi Ocean has gone back home.


When you need to be away from your Tamagotchi Ocean for an extended period or time, it is possible to suspend the life cycle.

  1. Press Button "B" to bring up the timer.
  2. Press Buttons "A" and "C" at the same time. The word "SET" will appear. When Tamagotchi Ocean is on the "SET" function, the life cycle is paused.
  3. Reset the timer to the correct time to resume play.
  4. Press Button "C" to return to the normal life cycle.

Tamagotchi, Tamagotchi Ocean are the property of Bandai Co., Ltd. and Bandai America Incorporated.
Copyright © 1997 and on, Mystic Fortress All Rights Reserved