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Tamagotchi Ocean Tips

Playing the Game: If your Ocean only has one full heart left on Happy and you loose the game, it seems the water will get all dirty. For every game you loose while it's in the condition it will keep doing this. So you must flush the screen 4 times and then continue the game, in hopes of winning. If you keep loosing the same cycle will keep going over and over. I suggest playing until you finally win a few games, and then flush the screen. The screen will not be black while playing the game.

I haven't actually quite figured this one out. But loosing 0vs5 in the game gave me 3 black skulls! It must be related. User beware of loosing the game!

Okay, I think I've finally figured this out. I tell ya, BanDai sure doesn't help by leaving certain things out of the instruction booklet. What happens is when I am playing the game and looking into these different treasure chests, every once in a while an Octopus is hiding in one of them. When I select that chest, he comes out and squirts the screen with 'ink' and that's why all the skulls go black, the water is dirty.. and because of this all the happy hearts empty as well. I guess the Octopus scared Ocean? I don't know, but that's what’s going on here! Finally it makes sense to me!

The irritating part about this game is, when you are done playing with Ocean and your Ocean is acting happy/sad at the end of the game, you can't stop the game! You have to wait until another one starts before the cancel button will work!

Clock: Yes! I think it's awesome. When I press "B" to go to the clock it doesn’t scroll.. it doesn't even scroll fast! It comes right up on the screen, no scrolling or anything, it just comes on. I love it; this is a wonderful feature they put in Ocean. Must more faster and convenient.

Sleep: I have found that even after going to bed, Ocean can empty a heart here and there. I pause mine at night. I'm not sure of this being every night.. it has only happened to me once, but others have complained of it as well.

Also I will note again that Ocean will not beep when it's taking a nap or going to bed at night. Sometimes Ocean will turn off the lights on it's own at night, but taking naps it will not and it is most likely to get attacked when it is napping. Be aware, it will beep at you when it is being attacked, press the "A" button, then tap the screen until the enemy is gone. Scaring away the attacker is vital, for your Ocean can die if the attacker succeeds.

Discipline: I just wanted to take note that when Ocean gets in the second half of the baby fishie stage and the Kodomo-shi stage (teen/child) that the discipline starts out with 2 lines.

Another unusual thing is that expect the discipline meter to be filled after only one or two days! It doesn't take long at all for this meter to get full.

Neediness: Ocean is much more needier then a regular Tamagotchi. You will find that it will empty hearts at an accelerated rate during much of Ocean's life. It is similar to taking care of a needy adult on P1 Tamagotchi. Even after it comes out of the baby stage, it is still much more needier then a child character has ever been on any other Tamagotchi. It is best not to leave Ocean alone for longer periods of time then say.. 10 or 15 minutes. If you don't want to care for it, it would be best to put it on pause. If it is attacked and you are away from Ocean, it is likely when you return to your little friend, he will have died from any attacks. This neediness seems to lesson once you get into the adult-shi stage.

Lights: Okay, I found the next piece of information out because Barbara Daniels (Thank you!) emailed me and told me where to find the information (Aurora Minui's Ocean Page Dunno how I missed this, but I did).

This is what Aurora's page says: "... From 6 am to 7 pm, the screen is lit by the natural sunlight of Planet Tamagotchi, so the screen will be lit regardless of whether the light is on or off. At 7 pm, the sun suddenly sinks, so that the screen will be plunged into darkness. But since your tam may still be awake, you may wish to use to Lights On function to keep the screen brightly lit. However, when your tam beeps at you and goes to sleep, you should turn out the lights for it... unless, of course, it's in trouble."

I didn't do enough research it seems, the other problem is BanDai sure seems to leave this stuff out when it comes to the US instructions, unless I missed it when I was typing it?

Death: When Tamagotchi Ocean dies it will make a series of beeps at you. When you look at the screen your character will be standing there looking sad. The US story is he is not dying, but leaving you in a submarine to go back to its home in the ocean to live a life on its own. You having raised it have raised it to a point where your Ocean is ready to live on its own successfully and be independent. At least that's what the US version implies. When the submarine appears, pressing "C" will scroll the screen so you can see your Ocean's leaving/dying age (which ever you believe in). Here is an image of the Submarine that Ocean leaves in:

Tamagotchi Ocean US Death

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