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Tamagotchi Ocean Logs One

These Tamagotchi Ocean Logs are written separately from my Tama Logs. This log covers my experience from September 13th to September 20th, 1998. This Tamagotchi Ocean is a US version. Enjoy!

Sunday, September 13th: After much debate I have finally decided to hatch my Tamagotchi Ocean! At 5pm he was hatched. When you first start up Ocean it will have just lots of bubbles on the screen and the two teen characters (Otototchi and Kingyotchi) swimming back and forth. Thus when I made the egg animation I had only 5 very rushed minutes to make the animation. Below is what I came up with, yes it's horrible, but it give you the general idea:

Tamagotchi Ocean Egg

After only 5 minutes in this bouncing egg state, the ocean started to make a funny little tune and the bubbles sped up and Planktontchi swam really fast over and over, right to left and it finally slowed down. So there he was, in the baby fish stage, Planktontchi. Below is the image I made of him, this time I was a little better with it, as I had more time to make the image.

Tamagotchi Ocean baby fish Planktontchi

Plankton-chi: He grew up with several tens of thousands of childhood friends and relatives, but thanks to Predators and other agents of natural selection, he is currently all alone. Perhaps as a result of this, he has onely, world-weary, anguished eyes for such a little baby. He is very independent, and plans to leave the Tamagotchi Ocean to search all the seas in the world for new friends.- Translation from Aurora Minui's Ocean Page

The first hour so far has been really hard. Two times the screen has gone completely black because the water quality was down. Just when I had checked it, it seemed to get dirtier because I kept loosing at the game, and when it got all empty on happy and I wasn't able to fill it right away, the screen would go black. I can already tell this gonna be difficult. Oh, he just changed. After only 1 hour and 5 minutes. He never did take a nap, if he did, I missed it, but I don't know how that was possible.

A while before he changed, I think it was 20 minutes before changing, he got sick. When he was sick he would float up and down with a sad look on his face. It only took one dose of medication to get him well. When he was well he beeped, something I've never seen any other Tama's do when they are given medication.

At 6:05pm Planktontchi disappeared and the screen went all weird, then it was the same with the changing. Only it was Kuragetchi swimming fast across the screen. As soon as he changed he needed immediate attention. This is the animation I made of Kuragetchi:

Tamagotchi Ocean baby fish Kuragetchi

Kurage-chi: He's always floating around, but not because he's lazy: he just hates to swim! However, when he really feels like it, he can swim faster than anyone else. (Although most people don't know about this, since he can only swim up and down.) There's an utterly false rumour going around the Sakana-chi [Fish-tamagotchi] crowd that says that the Kuragechi has a poisonous sting. As a result, Kuragechi is surrounded by fawning Sakanachi who are afraid of his "poison". (The Kuragechi is under the mistaken impression that he's just "very very popular"].- Translation from Aurora Minui's Ocean Page

He's a cute little jelly fish! He is might needy though in this baby fish stage. He behaves sorta like a needy adult. He drops a single heart every 5 to 10 minutes. This is weird for a Tama from BanDai, but then again I was warned how hard it was to care of this Tama. In fact I've been told a lot of people don't make it to the adult stage. Which mean's I might end up pausing now and again.

A short while after changing he called for me. Not being empty except one heart on hungry I disciplined him. I will note that even though this was the first discipline, he had already had 2 lines in the discipline meter. After I gave him his first discipline, he threw a little fit (I guess meaning he has learned the error of his ways? I read that somewhere...) and he got 2 more lines on the discipline meter.

At 7pm I looked at Kuragetchi and found that he was not only asleep, but had turned out the lights on his own. In fact I had to turn the lights back on to see the animation so I could make one.

Tamagotchi Ocean Kuragetchi Sleeping

Interesting to note, Ocean is similar to TamaOtch in many ways. TamaOtch being made after actress/comedian Nakamura TamaOtch. They both turn off the lights on their own when they go to bed. I noticed that the beeps sound exactly the same, the inability to press cancel until a new game has begun is similar, so is the slowness of the processor.. it just seems slow to me. I don't know, just in a weird way the two seem familiar to me.

My hope for this little sea creature is that I manage to get him to adult hood. I've been told doing that is difficult, so as long as I get an adult, I'll be happy.

I'm watching him very closely. It seems that Ocean is apt to loose hearts while it's sleeping and I am helpless to do anything about it. Not rapidly, but enough where I suspect it could be all empty by morning. Actually, in the past 3 hours it only dropped one heart, making it empty one on each. Hmm....

Monday Sept. 14th: I decided last night to put Ocean on pause because I knew I would be sleeping in and not getting up at 9am when it was and I really didn't want it to drop any more hearts while I was sleeping. I don't know if it will, but I know it dropped that one before I put it on pause.

Since I have woken it up, it has been constantly needy. It drops one or two hearts every 10 to 15 minutes and it needs something every 5 to 15 minutes. So far I have had to clean up it's poop two times in the past couple of hours and it has needed discipline 3 times now!

Discipline occurred at 11:16am (giving it two more lines meaning it has 6 lines now), 11:59am (giving it 8 lines in discipline), and 12:42pm (now at 10 lines in Discipline meter). I somehow believe that he will be entirely full in discipline by the end of the day, or at least close.

This Tama is just as it's rumored to be, extremely needy at this young age. My sister has informed me that when she raised one, it got easier as it got older, that is until it reaches adult hood. So maybe it will be easier to care for in the next stage. It has not gotten attacked yet today. Yesterday it got attacked by a polar bear, in which I successful scared it away.

So, so far it is going okay.. I haven't let the hearts drop below one empty on each, which means I'm constantly checking on it. I hope I can make it to an adult, if I were at work this would be impossible.

While I was answering some email I checked on my Ocean to find it had lost one heart in each happy and hungry. So I game it a meal and began playing the game. I lost 3 times in a row and after the 3rd game Kuragetchi appeared on the screen looking really.. weird. I canceled the game to find the all of the skulls where black and so was the screen! It had only one happy heart and had lost two more in hungry. So I flushed the screen four times and played again, lost again, and the same thing occurred. I kept playing until I finally won 3 games and then flushed the screen and got it all full in everything. This I found to be very annoying. I guess for every game I loose, it looses one heart in happiness.. something that is very annoying, especially when it gets down to that one empty and the screen goes all black. I'm finding that this Tama is going to be quite a task to keep happy.

At 1:25pm, it asked for another discipline, taking the meter up to 12 lines. Meaning only one more discipline until that meter is full.

No no. Let's see here. I think loosing 0 Vs. 5 is what empties all the skulls. I think it just makes it empty hearts in Happy faster then normal. I just lost 0 vs 5 and it gained 3 dark skulls! This is gonna be one hard Tama to raise!

At 2pm he pooped. I didn't see him do it this time. He looks really cute when he does his thing. At 2:14 he went to take a nap and predator showed up. It was the polar bear again. When I pressed "A" the Calling Box was highlighted already and the question mark appeared beside him on the right, so I just tapped the screen a bunch of times while pressing "B" and it scared the bear away. So far, no missed attacks, so I believe.

At 3:18 I noticed he had poop on the screen. I was playing Turok on N64 at that time, so I didn't actually see him go. Then at 3:54 he got attacked again by the polar bear, whom was easily scared off. At 4:41pm he pooped again! He seems to poop at random, which is kind of cool. At 5pm I gave him his finale discipline. The meter is full. I wonder if he will be like the Mesutchi and Osutchi, whom keep asking for discipline even after the meter is full?

At 6:11pm he pooped again and at 6:20 he got attacked again, and yes by that bear again! He sure poops a lot! Can you tell I'm writing this log as the day goes by me? heheh

Ahhh... I was reading email and lost track of time. I picked up my Ocean because it felt like it had been forever since I cared for it. I found him already asleep! It's hard to get used to it not beeping when he goes to bed! He is empty 3 hearts on hungry and 2 on happy...

As you can see today has been really busy. This Tama is more demanding then my needy DigiMon at age 43. Ocean Tama seems to empty one heart every 6 or 7 minutes on average and between that it needs to poop every other hour or so and needs discipline every few hours. This is one difficult Tama. No less he is in bed at 7pm, nice and early so I can do other things without worrying so much about Ocean.

Tuesday September 15th: I wake up late everyday that I have a vacation day! I didn't get Ocean up until 10 today.

Not a whole lot happened today, but here are the high lights.. Note that I paused him from 2:15-2:40pm because I had to take a shower.... Kuragetchi pooped at the following times: 10:13am, 11:35am, 12:52pm, 2:03pm, 3:50pm, 5:15pm and 6:33pm. Man the guy sure has to go to the bathroom a lot!

Ocean got attacked at the following times: 10:14am, 11:53am, 2:49pm, and 3:39pm. He got attacked less today I think.

Kuragetchi got sick once today at 3:43pm. It took two shots to get him well, and when I did he beeped a little tune when he was cured :) So cute :). I don't know if this sickness occurred because of random things, or because he will be changing? I don't know. He'll be three tomorrow though.

Later on in the evening while I was working on something I looked over and noticed he was in bed. I keep forgetting that he doesn't beep when he sleeps. Only a couple minutes had passed since he went to bed, good thing is, he turns off the light on his own :)

Wednesday Sept. 16th: I was up really late last night, so I again paused Ocean. I woke him up a little after 11am. That's what happens when your up till 3am reading! :)

He hasn't asked for any more discipline since the first day when I filled up the meter entirely in just that one day. So I guess this Tama won't be like Mesu & Osu?

The day was pretty normal up till 3pm. He got attacked at 11:38am, pooped at 12:21pm, 1:04 he got sick needed one shot to cure him (wonder if this happened because I gave him a couple of snacks instead of playing the game?), 1:37pm he pooped again, got attacked again at 2:08pm, then lastly pooped again at 2:54pm.

As it neared 3pm I kept checking on Ocean as always. The next thing I know I hear a tune playing and I see that Ocean is changing! This was great, he made it through baby stage without dying! He changed into the character called Otototchi. I kind of wanted the unhealthy teen character, but I got the healthier one on the chart in the Kodomosh Ocean stage. I only wanted the other one because it has cute eye balls :) Here is the worst animation I have *ever* made!

Tamagotchi Ocean Otototchi

Ototo-chi: He may not look impressive, but this Sakanachi is quite a character... a bit of a Renaissance-fish, in fact! Those things sticking out of his body aren't fins, but are in fact his arms. He works out his arms everyday by doing push-ups, but no-one knows why... perhaps it's to taunt that jerk of a Black Bass by fly-fishing, or perhaps it's so that he can someday acheive the honour of becoming the Tsukkomi in traditional Kansai-region Comedy? His hobbies also include looking for treasure in sunken ships. [Note: He swims off and on screen, unless he's got a poop or skull following him, in which case he sort of "paces" by always going in the same direction. When he was being naughty and selfish, I could have sworn I saw him swim backwards...]- Translation from Aurora Minui's Ocean Page

So that's what I got. That animation is retarded! hahah. Worst I've ever put together... isn't it horrible? Anyway. After he changed things changed a little bit. He seemed less needy! He was not emptying hearts nearly as fast as he was before. His Minimum weight is now 15lbs and his discipline went down to 6 lines.

The rest of the day went smoothly. Even though I had company over and we were playing N64 all evening, he didn't need as much attention at all. At 4:25, 5:30, 6:55, and 8:14 he pooped. He needed discipline; 4:30pm (8 lines), 6pm (10 lines), and 7:30pm (12 lines). He is only one discipline from being full.

Weirdly, after he changed he only got attacked once that evening, at 8:50, before he was to go to bed. He also got sick in the evening at 7:45pm and it took two shots to cure him. Maybe this is because I fed him a couple of snacks today? I don't know. Funny thing was, when he got sick and pooped, he would drag the skull/poop around behind him as he swam. He went to bed at 9pm. I was waiting and watching when he did. Unfortunately he did not turn off the lights on his own. Wonder why not?

Tamagotchi Ocean otototchi Sleeping

Thursday Sept. 17th: I ended up waking him up at 12:30pm today. I was trying to make the animations for yesterday that I didn't get a chance to make. I was actually up at 10am today, but time went fast and between writing logs and other things, I didn't even know it was so late. I believe this guy gets up at 9am, but I am not certain.

So far his day has been really easy and simple. He pooped at 12:54pm and got attacked at 1:02pm. He actually has been loosing a lot less hearts then when in that baby fishie stage. I wonder if he will continue to be not so needy when he changes into an adult? I hope so! I can't imagine what it's like for this Tama to be in a 'needy' part of its life, when it's constantly in that state!

Wow, something weird just happened. I was on the way out to get the mail and he beeped at me. I look down and he's napping, but getting attacked. So I press "A" then tap the screen and scare the bear away (is there any other type of enemy?). Then as I looked at him, I noticed the attention light remained on! So I disciplined him and now he's fully disciplined. I've never known two functions to happen at the same time, at 1:53pm I might add. Weird!

He was mostly quiet for the rest of the day, minus the normal routine. At 3:30pm, 5:11pm, 6:08pm, 7:43pm, and 8:43pm he pooped. Thus making 7 again today. He got attacked at 3:32pm, 4:23, 5:13, 6:03 and 8:33pm. The only other thing that happened is again, he got sick. At 3:55pm I had to give him 2 shots to make him well. I gave him three or four snacks today, but not in a row, spread through the day at various times when I was busy working on things. He went to bed promptly at 9pm again.

One thing I must shortly note. Yesterday around 7pm I looked at Ocean and noticed the screen was black. The skulls were not black though. I tried flushing and it didn't work. Then I checked lights and guess what.. they were off! I had not turned them off!

Well again tonight, the same thing occurred. This is what I think is going on. I love BanDai, don't get me wrong. I think they made a programming error here. The character before this, Kuragetchi, went to bed at 7pm and turned out the light on his own. Now, the character I have, Otototchi, goes to bed at 9pm but does *not* turn out the light. But for both the nights I have had him, he has turned out the lights on his own at 7pm, but didn't go to bed. I think they meant for him to turn out the lights at 9pm but accidentally put 7pm, that or they forgot he goes to bed at 9pm. Either way, this is the only conclusion I can come up with because there is no logical reason my Ocean would turn off his light at 7pm for no reason. :)

Friday, Sept. 8th: When I woke up, then woke up Ocean today, I decided that nothing significant would happen today so I didn't take notes and was going to skip a day. He is 5 years old and I didn't believe he would change until tomorrow at age 6. Boy was I wrong! My Ocean changed tonight at 8:06pm tonight! Oh my.. I am quite a happy camper! I didn't think I'd get this guy on the first try, but I did! I got KeroPyonkotchi! Yes the cute little frog guy! :} Here is the image I made of him:

Tamagotchi Ocean KeroPyonkotchi

KeroPyonchi [Ribbit-hop-chi]: He's a boisterous character with a big voice and a tendency to over-react to everything... quite a nuisance, really! He's got so much extra energy that he occasionally goes up on land to torment the Mushi-chi [Forest or Garden or Bug Tams] but he's a good guy at heart. When he's faced with a girl, however, his usual exhuberance vanishes. He blushes bright red and just sorta mumbles to himself.- Translation from Aurora Minui's Ocean Page

Isn't he adorable?! I soo love him already! He's soo cute. When he changed his weight went to 20 lbs. and his discipline went down to 6 lines. I had to discipline him once before he went to bed though, so it's up to 8 lines now. He went to sleep tonight at 9pm. I was kinda surprised.. I was thinking he'd stay up till 10 like most adults. Also on the above mentioned page, it says he might get up at 7am! This is not good because I definitely am not up at 7am, except on work days, which thankfully I am not working tomorrow. So I guess I'm gonna end up pausing him in the morning still. You know, even though I have paused him about 5 hours worth or more, he still changed today at age 5. Weird... Here is my sweetie sleeping, he's so very cute, I'm so lucky to get him!

Tamagotchi Ocean KeroPyonkotchi Sleeping

Note: I just accidentally aged him two days! Ugh. Okay, there is rumored to be some sort of secret screen that only shows at 5:05am when you turn on the lights. So I wanted to check this out, well I never saw nothing, so I'm not sure this is a real rumor, but when I was setting the clock, not only did I accidentally wake him up, but put him to bed two times because it's too darn dark in this room and I was stupid! Ugh.

Sunday Sept. 19th: I finally found the answer to my wonders about the screen getting dark at 7pm every night! Barbara Daniels emailed me and enlightened me to what is really going on. It's the sun setting in the evening that makes the lights go off. In the morning between 6am and 7am the lights go on because the sun rises on Tamagotchi Planet. I don't know where my imagination is! I guess I never expected BanDai to be creative and actually think about that kinda thing, after all they didn't do this with Morino Tama (forest) and I'm sure the forest creatures are affected by the environment as well. Either way it's very cool, very realistic! How could I ever doubt BanDai, they are the best!

Monday Sept. 21st: Yesterday I was too sad to type. But yesterday, while I was laying down watching a movie with all my Tama's, I heard a long series of beeps. I was thinking it must be Digi (whom is 50 years old), but no.. it turned out the beeping was coming from Ocean! I could not believe it! I haven't taken perfect care, but I sure didn't take horrible care of KeroPyonkotchi.

No less, there we was at a little after 8pm beeping. He was standing in the middle of the screen with his arms up in the air, his body looking really small while having a big head, looking really sad. Soon after a series of beeping he disappeared and a submarine appeared in his place. When I pressed "C" to scroll to his age it gave off one last long beep. It said 9yrs was his age! Why had this character died so young on me?

I can't believe BanDai would make him die so young. It's possible that I spaced out while watching that movie and didn't hear him being attacked. But He was within a foot of my head as I was lying right next to them. I guess it's possible I missed it, but.. I dunno.. don't see how. I didn't see the bear or octopus on the screen when I looked at him.. it was just him. It's hard to believe he died of 'old age' though, he's not an unhealthy character after all. sigh.

It's just so hard to believe he's already gone. He was so adorable and I was just getting attached to him :(

Tamagotchi Ocean US Death

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