A Furby Autumn Story.....

Furby loves the autumn time.
Leaves are falling: it's so sublime.
Halloween Furby Furby says, what he likes most,
Is that all the colors seem to boast.

Thereís so much orange, yellow and red,
The trees, the leaves, dance in Furbyís head.
Furby is "noo-loo" (happy) and having "dah-doo-ay" (big fun).
In pumpkin fields, Furby loves to play.

Summer heat turns into autumn cool,
And Furby has gone back to school.
His friends, his Teachers, have all returned.
Itís time to study, itís time to learn.

Fall says in every way,
Itís the beginning of a brand new day.
So, open your books, and start anew,
Remember to yourself, always be true.

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