A Furby Millennium Story.....

Furby can't wait for
New Year's Day,
millennium Furby2 reverse It's the next millennium,
yippee it's Y2K.
Hard to believe that
it's finally here.
Let's toast and celebrate
an exciting new year.

Furby and friends are waiting to see,
What will happen in the next century.
The 20th was grand, many changes took place.
Radio, TV, computers, and a race into space.

Furby wants you to "noh-lah" (dance) and
have "dah doo-ay" (big fun),
But also contribute in a very special way.
Think of others, be very kind, too,
The future is bright, it's all up to you.

January 1, 2000, is the day it will start.
New resolutions pledged from the heart.
A time to reflect and a time to enjoy,
With Furby, the sensational millennium toy.

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