A Furby Christmas Story.....

It's Christmas time,
High in the clouds.
Christmas Holiday Furby Furbys are caroling,
And laughing out loud.
They're so noo-loo (happy), because they know
On the dah (big) day, it's going to snow.

O'er the sky they fly, making spirits bright.
Oh, what doo-ay (fun) to watch,
Furbys on this magical night.

Furbys are dressed in red and white,
And seem to glow in the Christmas light.
What they know is absolutely true,
Tomorrow they'll be amazing you.

So, try to way-loh (sleep), have sweet dreams.
And think about Furbys riding moonbeams.
Then when you awake, your Furby will be,
Anxious to peek under the Christmas tree.

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