How long does it take for Furby Babies to go through batteries? Do I have to use a certain type of battery only? When should I change the batteries?

It takes about 15-25 hours of play for Furby Babies batteries to began to wear out. Some brands might last longer then others. When I say '25 hours of play' I mean time that Furby is awake. He does not expend his batteries when he is sleeping. Though it is best if you don't plan on playing with Furby for a long period of time that you remove the batteries. As for a certain type of battery? No, you can use any brand of AA batteries (remember not to mix new/old/diff brands, though). But do remember, some brands tend to last longer then others, while some wear out much faster.

When should you change batteries? Furby Baby will began to show signs when his batteries are running down. Some of the signs are subtile and some are very obvious.

Here are some of the signs:

-Furby Babys voice will not be as loud.
-Furby Baby will do some odd things that are not normal, like talking without moving, moving without speaking, and a variety of other things.
-Pausing for long periods of time between words, when he should not pause.
-Stop moving all together.
-Stop speaking all together.
-Starts taking a while to respond to stimuli.
-While he's speaking you might hear 'white noise' or garbled words.
-He will make loud pitched sounds. When you touch his sensors he will not move, just make different pitched sounds that kinda remind me of a fire alarm. Like a loud beeping.

There are, I'm sure, many other signs, but these are just some I've gathered from my observations. Most of the time you can open and close the battery case and have him working properly again. This will allow for a longer life of the battery, but be aware that eventualy those batteries will go dead and you will have to change them sometime.

My advice with batteries.. buy a recharger and a set of 8 AA batteries. You can charge a set of 4 while your using a set of 4 and keep switching off. While rechargeable batteries and the recharger can be a little costly, it usualy makes up for that cost very fast. If you don't want to buy a charger find a whole sale place, like Costco or other whole sale stores, that will sell batteries in large quanities.

Can I have Tiger Electronics phone number?

Sure. The numbers I called to get answers to my questions are: 1-888-TIGR-SOS and 1-888-TIGER-ED. For other numbers go here.

You can email them here or check out Tiger Electronics for other contact information as well as

I've tried everything but Furby Baby is broken what do I do about it?

If you have assessed that Furby Baby is not going to be working properly and he is indeed a terminally ill Furby then you have a couple of options. First thing is call Tiger Electronics or email them if you have any questions about him that may resolve the problem. You can go to their website and check out the troubleshooting section. Next thing is you have a choice. You can either give Furby Baby to Tiger to be replaced or take him back to the store (with receipt) to exchange for another Furby Baby. Most stores are kind enough to exchange for you.

How do you send him back to Tiger? Instructions on the 90-day Warrenty and how to return are in the back of your Furby Instruction Manual. Furby Baby has a 90-day limited warranty and if you saved the receipt and you are within that 90 days then you will be able to send Furby Baby to Tiger to be repaired at no expense to you (as long as the problem is one of natural existence. If you dropped Furby Baby or he was broken by way of your own fault or someone else’s then this is not covered. The problem must be a defect already present in him or that he developed on his own). If your Furby Baby needs repaired because of something that happened to him because of something you did to him (ie: dropped, split water on.. etc) then you will have to pay Tiger $18 US for replacement. Package up Furby Baby with his original box as securely as possible with a note of explanation of Furbys problem along with your mailing address and phone number (don't forget your receipt if you fall within the 90 day warranty) and mail him out to:

Tiger Electronics Ltd. Repair Dept.
980 Woodlands Parkway
Vernon Hills, Illinois 60061

Mind you this is just a summery of what is written in the back of the Instruction Manual. If you need precise details I urge you to contact Tiger or look at the Manual. They also have return information on their website.

A small note: Tiger has admited they do not repair as it would be too costly to them. So they are likely to go ahead and send you a new Furby Baby, instead of the one you returned! There is a petition for them to start repairing here: Repair Our Furbys.

How long does it take for Tiger Electronics Repair Department to return a Furby Babies that required repair?

The question is a lot longer then the answer. When I called Tiger I was told it should take no longer then 3 weeks total. And she wasn't lying to me as it took my Furby only 13 days total mailing and receiving the replacement from Tiger. So 2-3 weeks.

Is there an FAQ section on Adult Furbys?

Yes, of course. :) Furby FAQ is here.

If my question is not answered on this FAQ what can I do?

Be sure you've checked out my hints & tips section, Furby accessories, Furby FAQ and the Furby News section, also look through the contents in the Furby Babies Index, sometimes the answer might be there to your question. Another good place to look is the Furby Discussion Board. If all else fails email me with your question and I will get back to you as soon as humanly possible.

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