Is my Furby a Boy or a Girl?

Well that depends on what you want to beleive in. Some people decide to call it he or she based on it's colors (eyes, body or feet), while some base it on the name thinking some names sound more male or more female. Some people don't care and some people really care. It is all a personal choice though. No Furby is officialy female or officialy male (by word of Tiger).

Bill, Project Manager from Tiger Electronics answered this question...

MSN Question: "Are there boys and girls? If so, how can you tell?"

Bill: "No, there are not boys and girls. We thought it would be better to leave that to the person's imagination."

I'd say that's the official word on that. So you choose for yourself what you want your Furby Baby to be :)

How do I make him call me Mommy/Daddy?

When first starting up Furby Baby, he will say his name and ask you if you are his mommy or his daddy.

-To tell him if you are Mommy or Daddy you need to wait untill Furby Baby is asleep.

-Hold both his back and his tummy sensor before waking him up. Hold both at the same time.

-Keep holding his sensors and tilt his body to the side to wake him up.

-When he wakes up he will say his name.

-Let go of the sensors and listen to what Furby Baby says.

-He will then tell you how to let him know if you are Mommy or Daddy. He will say "Mommy rub back, Daddy tickle tummy".

-Tickle his tummy or pet his back, depending on what you want him to call you.

-From now on he will refer to you as Mommy or Daddy depending on the action you did.

-If you didn't do it right and he calls you the wrong thing or it still didn't work or you just want to change it for some reason, put him to sleep and try it over again. You will know if you did it right because when you are playing with him he will call you by one of the two names. When you wake him up normally (without doing the above actions) he will say other things and call you by name.

-If you do not tell him what to call you, he will ask every time you wake him up to tell him.

Do they communicate differently with Furby Adults then with Babies?

Yes! They definitly do. Furby Baby can talk to either adult Furby or Furby Babies. When talking to the adult he only says more 'grown up' things. When talking with other Furby Babies, they will act more like a 'child' and do and say things that children do. They say a lot more when talking with other Babies and they do bunches more things with other Babies then they do with the adults as they are programed to say more then the adults. The chat dialog between the two is very different and both are entertaining. You haven't heard it all untill you see two babies interact! Examples of their phases and chatting is on the Furby Babies Sounds page.

Do they have a bigger vocabulary then the adult Furbys? Do they say more things?

Even though the dictionary isn't that different, there are alot of things that Tiger didn't give a translation for that they say in English! Examples of their phases and chatting is on the Furby Babies Sounds page. They say many many more phrases then the adults and they act more like kids then the adults.

I'd compile a list of things they say that aren't documented, but there is really too much. If Furby impressed you with vocabulary, then you ain't seen nothing yet. The Babies speak 233% more words and phrases then the adult Furbys! Really impressive if you ask me.

How do I play the games?

Take a look at the instructions, My Favorite Games on how to play the games.

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