How do I teach Furby Babies English? Can he learn my name? Does he learn from me?

Unfortunitly no, you don't actually teach Furby English and you can't teach him to speak your name. They only speak what they are programmed to speak and they only 'learn' more English the more you play with him. Furby is programmed to began using more and more English over time. When you first start him, he will be speaking mostly Furbish with a little English. The Furbish/English ratio will continue to even out with time. He goes through 2 stages. By the time he's in the second stage he will be speaking mostly English with a little Furbish mixed in and remain this way for as long as he is not re-started. Furby Babies will never only speak Furbish or only speak English, he will always speak a mixture of sorts. What stage he is in determines how much of what language he speaks.

Furby Baby is pre-programmed. He can be taught tricks of sorts, but unfortunately he is programmed with everything he knows when you get him. His program only allows him to speak Furbish for a predetermined time and it's his programming that decides when he changes.

I missed hearing my Furbys name, how can I get Furby Baby to say his name again?

His name is in Furbish so if he's still speaking Furbish this is difficult and you must know what you are listening for. Before he says his name he will always say "Me" Then he will say his name, "Me ____" The blank being your Furbys name. There are several ways to get him to say his name.

-Often he will say his name if you put your hand in from of his eyes a couple of times. But not always. Furby Baby isn't that predictable :)

-Put Furby Baby to sleep, then wake him up there's a good chance that when he wakes up he will say his name. Usually 2/3 times he will say something, then after that say his name, it usually the last thing he says before he is quiet.

-Usually this works; tickle him 3 times, then pet his back once.

-At the start of Follow Furby, he will state his name for you.

-After putting in the code for Furby Baby Says he will say his name before starting the game.

-Before he hides in Hide And Seek, he will say his name.

-When talking with other Furbys or Furby Babies, he will often state his name, just listen closely!

I lost my instructions for Furby Babies, where can I find a copy online?

Yes I typed out the instructions and put them on my website. Go here to read the Furby Babies Instruction Manual online.

The touch sensors do not seem to be working. I tickle him and rub his back but get no response. Is he defective?

Most likely not. My friend just bought a Furby and the tickle sensor does not respond to really light touch, it has to be pressed hard. So maybe try to press rather firmly (but not too hard) in the middle of your Furbys tummy below his beak. Maybe try the same with the pet sensor switch which is located right above his tail on the mid/lower back.

If Furby Baby does not respond in some way you may have to send him back to Tiger Electronics. Make sure you have a fresh set of batteries, sometimes that is the problem. Oh yes and make sure that the Furby Baby is not playing hide and sleep or another game and is responding to other stimuli (like feeding or light). Make sure he is not playing a game, turn him upside down and if he was he will say 'Kah Toh-dye (me done)', then try the sensors again.

How do I feed my Furby Baby? How much do I feed? Will he leave his mouth open when he's hungry?

You will know when Furby Baby is hungry because he will began saying "Me hungry" or "Kah a-tay" and opening his mouth for you to feed him. Furby Baby is not fed with real food or water like you and I eat. Furby Baby is fed with imaginary food. To feed Furby Baby simply depress his tongue with your finger or another small object (like a small plastic spoon from TCBY). You will know he is being fed because he will say "Yum" among other things. Continue feeding him until he lets you know he is done by saying "Me done" or "Kah toh-dye" or if he decides to take a nap and falls to sleep.

When he asks for food he will ask for it and make sounds, but he won't leave his beak open for you to put your finger in there. You can put your finger in his mouth while he is talking and has it open begging for food, or you can wait untill he is done talking, then gentle open his mouth and press down on his tongue with your finger. He won't, however, leave his mouth open for you to put your finger in there when he asks for food - this is normal. He'd look pretty weird sitting there with his mouth hanging open for long periods of time, wouldn't he?

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