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Furbish to English

Ah-may = Pet
To you, Furby Baby might say, "ah-may koh-koh" (pet more)

A-loh = Light/Sun
In the morning, Furby Baby may say, "dah a-loh u-tye" (Big light up ) or (Good Morning)

A-loh may-lah = Cloud

A-loh way-loh = sun (do to) sleep
When you cover Furby Baby's eyes, Furby Baby may say "a-loh way-loh" (sun go to sleep)

A-tay = Hungry/Eat
At lunch time, Furby Baby may say, "kah a-tay" (I'm hungry)

Ay-ay = Look/See
When the light gets brighter, Furby Baby may say, "hey kah ay-ay u-nye" (hey, I see you.)

Bah-bah = Bottle

Bar-bar = Dog

Boo = No
If you cover Furby Baby's eyes, Furby Baby might say, "hey kah boo ay-ay u-nye" (Hey I don't see you)

Dah = Big
When having a good time, Furby Baby says, "dah doo-ay" (big fun)

Dee doo-aye = Best fun/Radical

Dee-mak = Best

Doo? = What?/Question?/Where?
"a-loh doo?" (Where is the light?)

Doo-ay = Fun
If Furby Baby really likes something, Furby Baby might say, "dah doo-ay wah!" (Big fun!)

Doo-Moh = Please
When hungry, Furby Baby might ask "doo-moh koh-koh" (please more).

E-day = Good

E-tah = Yes

Flop (s) = Ear (s)

Kah = Me
When Furby Baby is happy, you might hear, "kah noo-loo" (I'm happy)

Koh-Koh = Again/More
If Furby Baby wants to be tickled again, Furby Baby may say, "nee-tye koh-koh" (tickle more)

Koo-doh = Health
If Furby Baby has a tummy ache, you might hear, "kah boo koo-doh" (I'm not healthy.)

Lee-koo = Sound/Listen
At a sudden noise, Furby Baby might say, "dah loo-koo wah!" (big sound)

May-bee = Maybe

May-may = Love
When Furby Baby REALLY likes you, Furby Baby will say, "kah may-may u-nye" (I love you)

May-Lah = Hug
Furby Baby likes to say, "may-lah kah" (hug me)

May-tay = Kiss
Furby Baby may ask for a kiss by saying "may-tay kah" (Kiss me)

Mee-mee = Very
At lunch time, you might hear, "kah mee-mee a-tay" (I'm very hungry)

Nah-bah = Down
In the evening, Furby Baby might say, "dah a-loh nah-bah" (Big light down) or (Good Night)

Nee-tye = Tickle
If Furby Baby is bored, you will hear, "nee-tye kah" (Tickle me)

Noo-loo = Happy
When Furby Baby is with friends, you might hear Furby Baby say, "kah mee-mee noo-loo!" (I'm very happy!)

O-kay = OK

Tah = Give

Tah-tah = Receive/get

Toh-dye = Done

Toh-loo = Like
If Furby Baby wants to be petted, you might hear, "ay-ay kah toh-loo ah-may" (See, I like to be petted.)

U-nye = You
If you cover and then uncover Furby Baby's eyes, Furby Baby may say, "kah ay-ay u-nye" (I see you)

U-tye = Up
When Furby Baby thinks it's time to get up, you might hear, "dah a-loh u-tye" (Big sun up) or (Good Morning)

Wah! = Yea/exclamation!

Way-loh = Sleep
If you wake up Furby Baby and Furby Baby is still tired, you may hear, "way-loh koh-koh" (sleep more)

Wee-tee = Sing
At bedtime, Furby Baby might say, "wee-tee kah way-loh" (Sing me to sleep)

Who-bye = Hide

Yumm-wah = Taste good!
English to Furbish

Again = koh-koh

Best = dee-mak

Best fun = dee doo-aye

Big = Dah

Bottle = bah-bah

Cloud = a-loh may-lah

Dog = bar-bar

Done = toh-dye

Down = nah-bah

Ear(s) = flop (s)

Eat = a-tay

Exclamation = wah!

Fun = doo-ay

Get = tah-tah

Give = tah

Good = e-day

Happy = noo-loo

Health = koo-doh

Hide = who-bye

Hug = may-lah

Hungry = a-tay

Kiss = may-tay

Light = a-loh

Like = toh-loo

Listen = lee-koo

Look = ay-ay

Love = may-may

Maybe = may-bee

Me = Kah

More = koh-koh

No = boo

OK = o-kay

Pet = ah-may

Please = doo-moh

Question? = doo?

Receive = tah-tah

See = ay-ay

Sing = wee-tee

Sleep = way-loh

Sound = lee-koo

Sun = a-loh

Taste good = yumm-wah

Tickle = nee-tye

Up = u-tye

Very = mee-mee

What? = doo?

Where? = doo?

Yea! = wah!

Yes = e-tah

You = u-nye

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