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The Story of Gizmo.....

Rand Peltzer is an inventor visiting Chinatown with hopes
of finding a buyer for his inventions and in search
of a special gift for his son.

While walking through Chinatown,
movie gizmo Rand asks a boy for help and the young boy takes
Rand to his grandfathers store.
Rand hears a strange noise in the back of the store
and seeks out the curious sound.
This is it ... this is what he has been searching for
as his son's special gift.
But the old Chinese storekeeper does not want to
sell the sweetly innocent,
cute and cuddly "Mogwai."

The young boy asks Rand to wait outside and
in a few minutes meets Rand with the covered cage
of the "Mogwai."
Rand takes the pet, but the boy cautions Rand with
these three warnings:
Don't ever get him wet.
Keep him away from bright light, especially sunlight.
And the most important thing,
the one thing you must never forget:
no matter how much he cries, no matter how much
he begs ... never,
never feed him after midnight.

With these mysterious instructions,
Rand brings home Gizmo to his son!

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