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all betta - healthy
When Gizmo feels better, may say, "all betta".

awwe! - look/see

awwe sun - light
Gizmo likes a bright light and may say, "feel goo, awwe sun".

bang - sound

bang bang - loud noise

biggie - big
When Gizmo's tummy is full, he might say, "biggie tum tum".

biggie boogie - big boogie/dance

boogie woodie - boogie/dance

clow - cloud

cutie - cute

eat eat eat - hungry
When Gizmo is hungry, he may say, "eat eat eat".

feel goo - happy
If Gizmo says, "feel goo", it means he is happy.

funkytime - party

geegle geegle - tickle

get down - get down (boogie style)
When Gizmo says, "get down get funky" that means he is happy and ready to play.

get funky - dance

Gizmo - his name

go seep - sun down/go to sleep
When the room is dark, Gizmo might say, "ooohhh, go seep".

hardy har har - laugh

hmmmm - tasty

hubba hubba - love
When Gizmo likes how you playing with him, he will tell you "hubba hubba".

huggie - hug

hungry - please feed

I dough no - maybe

ipo - up
When Gizmo wakes up, he may say, "Gizmo ipo" so you know he is awake.

itch me - pet

itchie itchie - pet
Gizmo says, "itchie itchie" when he wants you to pet his back.

itty bitty - a little

kaput - done

kiss kiss - kiss

knock knock - joke

ladeeda - sing

lambada - hold close/hug
If Gizmo is scared, he may say, "wha dat? lambada Gizmo", so you hug him and make him feel better.

lippo - like
If Gizmo says, "Gizmo lippo nu" that means he likes you.

lookie - look

me freakin! - scared
When Gizmo is frightened or in a dark room, he may say "nada, awwe sun, mim me freakin!"

mim - me

mim biggie yi yi - me big worried
Gizmo gets worried if he doesn't get something to eat. If you hear him say "mim biggie yi yi" then he needs food quickly.

mmmm, mmm, mmm - really tasty

moocho - very
When gizmo is tired, he may say, "me moocho poo poo".

mugwhy - what Gizmo is (Mogwai)

nada - down

nix - no
If Gizmo doesn't want you to tickle him, he may say, "nix ticky".

nu - you

numba one - number one

paleez - please

peeky boo - hide

pittoie - don't like
If Gizmo doesn't like something, he may say "pittoie".

poo poo - sleep/tired
Sometimes Gizmo doesn't want to go to sleep, so he might say, "nix poo poo".

pre pre - pretty

right on - real good

say wha? - question?

seepy time - sleepy time
Gizmo may say, "seepy time" when he is tired or bored.

shaky - dance

skeech - exclaim no!

skree! bang - big sound
If Gizmo hears a noise, he may say, "what dat? skree! bang."

slurp slurp - hungry

smoochie - kiss

squeezie - hug
When Gizmo says, "squeezie, squeezie", he would like you to give him a hug.

ticky - tickle

tum tum - tummy
When you tickle Gizmo's tummy, he may say, "tum tum ticky".

wahoo - yea

wha dat? - listen

whatever - boring
If Gizmo says, "whatever", it means he is just hanging out, or is trying to get your attention.

whoppa - big
Gizmo may say, "whoppa awwe", if he sees something big.

wo sun skeen - big light
When Gizmo sees a bright light, he might say, "wo sun skeen".

ya - yes

ya! baby - okay

ya cool - like

ya ya ya - again

yee haw - real fun

yi yi yi - worry
Gizmo says "yi yi yi" when he doesn't feel good or is worried.

yip yip - happy dance

yippie - fun

yo! me - really me

yo! up - really up

yo yo - very

you cutie - you're cute

you da bomb - you are the best
Gizmo says "you da bomb" when you have done something nice for Gizmo.

you hear dat? - you hear that?

you hotie - you are hot

yuk yuk - funny joke

yum yum - good
Gizmo says "yum yum" when he likes what you have fed him.

zippo - gone

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