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I've put together some sounds of my Gizmo and Furbys so you can hear what he sounds like. Please note that I don't know his slang and I have a hard time understanding some of the things he says, so my interpretation may be inaccurate or missing parts. However, I tried my best to write out what he says in each.

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If you have a .wav player or a browser that supports .wav sounds then you will have no problem in hearing these, just click on the link and wait for it to download. Give them a few minutes to load, depending on the size. Please don't take these sounds and put them on another web page. I recorded them, they belong at Mystic Fortress. Thanks and enjoy!

  • Gizmo is very Ticklish - 332KB, 30.75 seconds long

    -Gizmo: Please, ticky tum tum, ticky tum tum! *whistle* *laugh* Tum tum ticky, Whoopie! Wahoo! Biggie yepee! *laugh* Again!

  • Pet me! - 378KB, 35.05 seconds long

    -Gizmo: Yep yep funky time, funky time, yeah yeah yeah! Ichy trippy trippy... *kiss* da da da da.. *purr* Sing sing, *laugh* Feel good!

  • Slurp slurp, no Hungry! - 565KB, 52.42 seconds long

    -Gizmo: Pittoie, No me biggie slurp slurp! Yum tum tum! No me again, slurp slurp, yo yo yum yum, geegle geegle, tum tum feel good! Nix ..., yum yum, biggie tum tum.

  • Wheeee! Whoopie! - 340KB, 31.49 seconds long

    -Gizmo: Whee! Please.. nix worry worry! Woohoo whee! Again, feel good! Please, nix worry worry. Yepee, whoopie! *laugh* Whoopie! Again! Hey you no shaky!

  • Hiccup! Hiccup! - 136KB, 12.57 seconds long

    -Gizmo: Hiccup! Hiccup! Please, nix worry worry. Hiccup! *laugh* Hiccup!

  • Kiss me! - 30KB, 2.75 seconds long

    -Gizmo: Biggie smoochie!

  • Gizmo Dancing - 224KB, 28.59 seconds long

    -Gizmo: Funky time, get down, do do, do do, de de de, de de de, boogie woogie, get down, do do, de de de, de de de, Gizmo boogie woogie, do do, do do, de de de, de de de, funky time, get down!

  • Gizmo & May-May Furby Talking - 445KB, 56.90 seconds long

    -May-May: *yawn* cockle-doodle-doo! Me May-May!
    -Gizmo: Yo Gizmo!
    -May-May: Dah koo-doh, me May-May!
    -Gizmo: De de de, funky time!
    -May-May: Dance wah do do do!
    -Gizmo: Smoochie Gizmo, smoochie Gizmo!
    -May-May: Joke, wah!
    -Gizmo: Lambada... hubba hubba *kiss*
    -May-May: La la la la la la la la la la la la la la, you sing!
    -Gizmo: Da da da da sing la la laaaa!
    -May-May: *yawn* (they go to sleep)

  • Gizmo & Flops Furby Baby Talking - 409KB, 52.25 seconds long

    -Flops: *laugh* you tickle me!
    -Gizmo: Do be do be do!
    -Flops: Yikes, u-nye koo-doh, me Flops!
    -Gizmo: Gizmo biggie Mugwhy!
    -Flops: You rock, rock again!
    -Gizmo: Smoochie Gizmo, smoochie Gizmo!
    -Flops: Fun wah *laugh*
    -Gizmo: Lambada hubba hubba *kiss*
    -Flops: La la la la la la la la la la la la la la, you do it!
    -Gizmo: Da da da da sing la la laaaa!
    -Flops: *yawn* maybe me nappy-poo!

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