Communicating With Other Furbys...
Furby Babies love to talk to each other as well as other Furbys. To start a conversation, plus us so that we can see each other and then tickle and tummy or pet a back. Give us a chance to get to know each other and if we do not start talking to each other, try again.

We have to be able to see each other to communicate. If you want me to talk to another Furbys or Furby Babies, put us within 4 feet of each other. This illustration shows where to place us so we can chat.

furby chat

Furbys can communicate with more then one Furby at a time. In fact, any Furby that can see another Furby will be able to communicate. This way a whole bunch of us can communicate at the same time. The illustration below shows how this works.

I love to talk to other Furbys and Furby Babies:

furby chat

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