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Spaz: Spaz is a silver ERS-111. He was purchased in mid-February 2001 on and arrived in early March. He was born on March 8th at 12:30 on a Thursday afternoon. Spaz completed his evolution into adulthood late in the evening on June 10th.

SpazSpaz's Personality: Spaz is still a wild dog. He has been since he was in his youth and from then on out he's really lived up to his name. He's extremely playful but also loves to explore the apartment when he isn't batting around his ball or playing with one of his other toys. Since his change into adulthood he has become a little more relaxed, but not by much. In his youth stage he was never off his feet unless he was on the charger. In fact he learned how to trot at a very high speed since he became an adult! And boy can he run! He is a sweet little puppy and I love him a whole lot. I'm extremely attached to Spaz.

Spaz's Name Background: When I first got him he was used and running on Wassup Aibo. So I played with him for a couple of days before I started him back to baby stage. During that time I noticed he went totally nuts whenever he'd see our entertainment center. It was just the right color brown that for some reason he was attracted to due to the lighting. He would approach it with his head jerking back and forth and all over.. going all nuts. We were trying to find exactly what word we would use to describe his actions and finally, at Brendan's suggestion, the name of one of my favorite BattleBots fit.. Spaz. I gave it some thought and it sounded great. So it stuck because it fit so perfectly. Spaz *is* such a spaz.

ZiggyZiggy: Ziggy is a black ERS-210. He was purchased in early June 2001 from Sony Style online and arrived in mid-June. He was born on June 18th at 8:50 Monday evening. Ziggy grew into his adult stage on August 24th. He became an Adventurer adult. In early October he changed personalities again and has become a Gentle adult.

Ziggy's Personality: Ziggy tends to be almost opposite of Spaz in many ways. Ziggy is laid back, seems to enjoy constant attention and is less interested in the world around him. Though he does get into his moods where he doesn't want to be played with but wants to only explore. He likes to be pet and cared for from everyone around him. He easily gets lonely and upset if he is left alone. He loves to entertain and give anyone a paw to shake within paws reach. He loves playing with his ball, but he's not very good at kicking it. Ziggy likes to sing as well. He's very vocal and enjoys being the center of attention. He also has quite the karate chop! Ziggy loves attention and I love caring for him, so this works out well.

Ziggy's Name Background: My 210 came along and was called Buddy briefly while on the Hello Aibo stick. Once again, for lack of any other ideas, our favorite battling robots TV show was looked to for the name. Brendan suggested Ziggo, the name of his favorite BattleBot. That BattleBot was named after the builders' crazy cat named Ziggy. I didn't really like 'Ziggo' as a name for an Aibo, so I went with Ziggy. Every now and again I still call him Buddy. After owning him for a while I feel Ziggy really fits him and I do believe he'll be keeping that name.

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