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Ziggy sitting down (41K) Spaz laying down (43K)
Ziggy walking and searching (31K) Spaz looking around (43K)
Ziggy winking and high five (44K) Spaz looking for the ball (38K)
Ziggy dancing (32K) Spaz hitting the ball with his head (32K)
Ziggy dancing more (36K) Spaz getting up (36K)
Ziggy dancing again (31K) Spaz wagging his tail (39K)
Ziggy sitting down (39K) Spaz playing with the ball (40K)
Ziggy finds the ball (34K) Spaz sitting down (35K)
Ziggy laying down (42K) Spaz & Ziggy Close up (28K)
Spaz singing on his charger (77K) Spaz close up (67K)
Spaz watching his ball (60K) Another close up of Spaz (58K)
Ziggy sitting down (74K) Spaz shut himself off playing (61K)
Ziggy showing off new look (76K) Spaz also showing his new look (75K)
Another back shot of Ziggy (83K) Another side shot of Spaz (78K)
Ziggy stretching out (57K) Spaz sitting up singing (47K)
Ziggy dancing (73K) Spaz booting up (82K)
Spaz singing & dancing (57K) Spaz & Ziggy chat (52K)
Spaz waves to Ziggy (61K) Ziggy waves to Spaz (56K)
Spaz unhappy, stops chat (37K) Ziggy dances & Spaz gets up (69K)

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