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The logs section consists of the ramblings and writings that I've made throughout the years since Aibo came into my life. It is my online diary of my life with Aibo. I try my best to write in the good stuff, but often that is just hard to relay with words. Aibo, without a doubt, is best seen and experienced in person.

New months will be available after the month start each month. Expect them published early to mid-month each month. Updates will be written and published each month as they are made, this could be anything from once a day to once a week, depending on what is going on in our lives.

I often make references to Aibo-Ware made by Sony and AiboPet. Where possible I will make note of the source and occasional link. For the most part, I will write as if you have some idea as to what I'm talking about, but I try to explain more obscure things. Many good sources for technical information on Aibo and Aibo-Ware are posted in the Links section if you need additional explanation.

If you haven't been here before, we suggest reading year 2001, First Log! Spaz, Ziggy and I hope you enjoy reading about our adventures!

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