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Tamagotchi Connection Makes Its U.S. Debut At Sony Metreon

"New York Minute" and "Gilmore Girls" Star Jared Padalecki Celebrates the Next Generation Tamagotchi Connection at a National Launch Event in San Francisco


San Franciscans can be the first in the U.S. to purchase and play with the next generation of the original virtual pet - Tamagotchi Connection. Already a huge success in Japan, Bandai America is celebrating the return of the Tamagotchi phenomenon by letting consumers purchase the new products at Metreon - A Sony Entertainment Center five days before it is officially available on store shelves across the country. Driving in with the official Tamagotchi Connection Volkswagen New Beetle Brigade, actor Jared Padalecki ("Gilmore Girls," "New York Minute") will hand deliver the highly anticipated virtual pets to Sony Metreon.

Tamagotchi fans and consumers will be able to be the first to purchase their own Tamagotchi Connection and receive autographed photos from Jared Padalecki. While waiting in line, consumers will receive special Tamagotchi Connection giveaways.

Where: Sony Metreon
101 Fourth Street
San Francisco, CA 94103
When: Tuesday, August 10
9:45 AM Jared arrives in the official Tamagotchi Connection Volkswagen New Beetle Brigade; giveaways passed out to attendees
10:00 AM Doors open for fans in line to buy Tamagotchi Connection; Jared places first Tamagotchi Connection in the Bandai Shop, Level 2 of Metreon
10:15 AM-
12:00 PM
Autograph signings by Jared Padalecki

About Tamagotchi Connection:
Tamagotchi Connection is all about more friends and more fun! Tamagotchi Connection lets kids experience the fun and responsibility of feeding, tending to and caring for their digital pet. Owners can care for their Tamagotchi by selecting various controls to feed it food or snacks, play games to keep it fit, clean up after its messes, tend to its needs when it becomes sick and turn off the lights when it's sleeping. The new, advanced Tamagotchi Connection features infrared technology allowing the virtual pet to become friends with other Tamagotchi, visit its friends to give gifts or play games, and eventually create new generations.

About Sony Metreon:
Metreon is the first-of-its-kind entertainment center located at Fourth and Mission streets in the heart of downtown San Francisco. This 350,000 square-foot complex features an eclectic mix of the Bay Area's best restaurants, shopping venues, theatres, and attractions, including the West Coast's largest IMAX theatre. Metreon is a business unit of Sony Corporation of America. For information about Metreon, please call (415) 369-6000 or visit www.metreon.com.

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