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Tamagotchi Connection Logs

As with some other Tamagotchi pets on this site, Tamagotchi Connection will also have its own set of logs and updates that are specific to Tamagotchi Connection/Plus/Connexion.

Here, I will cover my Connection pet's growth progress, character information, character photos and animations and of course any Tamagotchi related adventures.

For those coming straight to this page and you want to read more, be sure to head over to the Tamagotchi Logs section of Mimitchi.com to read about my other Tamagotchi!

Year: 2006

Dec 11 Jarre makes her final departure.
Nov 28 Jarre & Ninja make fireworks!
Nov 18 Jarre & Ninja become good friends.
Nov 11 Jarre finally changes.
Nov 5 Jarre is growing!
Nov 4 Catching up and my new V3.

Year: 2004

Sept 9 Angie gets up close and says "Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!"
Sept 6 A long August.
Aug 8 The first 2.5 days of Angie's life.
July 31

Tamagotchi Connection and the unexpected package.


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