Replacing Batteries
If my batteries wear out, just replace them and I will be ready to play again. I am so smart that I will remember my name and everything I have learned even after you change my batteries.

****HELPFUL TIP: You will be able to tell when my batteries wear out because my behavior will become erratic and I will begin to not always respond to my sensors properly. If this happens, replace my batteries and I should return to normal.

furby re-set If after you change my batteries I still do not behave properly, please re-set me. If you re-set me, I will go through a special sequence that lets me fix what is wrong. When I am done with sequence, I will be ready to play again. Please do not re-set me unless absolutely necessary.

How to Re-Set:
Press the re-set button. The illustration indicates the location of my re-set button. Resetting does not erase my memory.



re-start FurbyIf something really goes wrong with me, you may have to re-start. If you re-start me, I will go back to the beginning of my development stages and will not remember my name. It is starting all over again. It is important NOT to re-start me unless necessary. You should only do this if all other ways to get me to work FAIL. Please make sure you try and fix me with all the other options BEFORE RE-START!

How to Re-Start:

  1. Hold me upside down.
  2. Put your fingertip in my mouth and hold down the mouth switch.
  3. While holding down my mouth switch, press the re-set button.

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