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Tamagotchi School / TamaSuku
Instruction Manual & Guide Page 3

TamaSuku Games:
There are six total games on the Tamagotchi School, two for each subject. Playing games will fill the hearts in Popularity on the status screen. The games also award you with Gotchi Points and increase the overall grade scores for your students (as seen in the status meter, screen two). More detail about these games can be read below.

language games icon Japanese Language Studies Games

letter puzzle

letter puzzle

1) Letter Puzzle:

Description: This is a Crossword Puzzle that uses Hiragana characters, that contains one word horizontally and one word vertically. You must choose the missing character to make the two words complete.

How to Play: Use the Left and Right Arrow to move to the correct character. Press the Enter Button ("B") to select the character. You must choose the Hiragana that is correct in the boxes with question marks so that it makes sense and spells Japanese words each direction. If you choose wrong on a puzzle that same puzzle will be the one you start on the next time you play. You must choose the correct character to move onto a new puzzle.

Note: I've played through several of these puzzles writing down the correct answers but I have yet to find one that is repeated. I can only assume that there are several of these. So unless you are familiar with Japanese, this might be a difficult game to play efficiently. But it might be a good game to play if you are a student of Japanese.

How to Win: The scoring system looks similar to the Insect Collecting game, so the number of puzzles you may need to beat to complete this game might be six. This is a guess, it is unverified at this moment.

Scoring System:
Note: This is incomplete because I don't know Japanese well enough to play continuously.
Score Reward
01 0 Language Studies Points & 10 Gotchi Points

2) Library Game:

library game

library game

Description: You’re a librarian. Your job is to hand out books to the students. Be watch out! There are thieves trying to steal the books from you.

How to Play: Place books on the counter for Students to pick up. Thieves wearing masks will try and approach you for a book. Don't give them any! Just leave the counter empty. When the thief realizes his plan has been foiled he will give you an odd look and than leave. Use the Left and Right Arrows to control the placing of the book. Use the Enter Button ("B") to place a book on the counter in front of the student needing the book. You can make books appear and disappear by pressing the Enter Button ("B").

How to Win: Give out 30 books to students without making any mistakes and you win the game.

Scoring System:
Score Reward
00-04 0 Language Studies Points & 0 Gotchi Points
05-09 0 Language Studies Points & 10 Gotchi Points
10-14 1 Language Studies Point & 30 Gotchi Points
15-19 2 Language Studies Points & 100 Gotchi Points
20-24 3 Language Studies Points & 200 Gotchi Points
25-27 4 Language Studies Points & 300 Gotchi Points
28 5 Language Studies Points & 300 Gotchi Points
29 7 Language Studies Points & 300 Gotchi Points
30 10 Language Studies Points & 500 Gotchi Points

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