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Tamagotchi School / TamaSuku
Instruction Manual & Guide Page 2

Tamagotchi School Icon Selections:
The icons are, from left to right, starting on the top row; Status Meter, Students, Japanese Language Studies Games, Math Games, Science Games, Connect, Items, Friends List, Shop, Raised Hand (Attention). Below you will find more details on what each of these icons do.


status meter icon
Status Meter:
This icon behaves in the standard way all Tamagotchi have in the past: it shows the progress of your TamaSuku and all the essential facts about what is going on in your Tamagotchi Classroom.

Screen One:
Popularity: I believe the hearts on this screen show the teachers popularity (that's you!). Teach lessons often and do well to fill the hearts. You do this by playing games.

Student Attendance: The number on this screen represents the amount of students you currently have in your classroom. The size of your classroom.

status 01

Screen Two:
Class Subject Marks/Grades/Scores: The three main subjects are shown here and the amount of points or scores you've earned in those subjects (per the games). The subjects from top to bottom are: Japanese Language Studies, Math and Science. These scores increase as you play games with your class. The better you play the games, the higher the scores you get in your subjects. There are items that can increase these points too. The maximum score you can get in each subject is 999.

status 02

Screen Three:
Gotchi Points: On this screen shows the amount of Gotchi Points (money) you've earned from the games you've played.

status 03

Screen Four:
Main Subject: This screen shows the subject what you, as the teacher, are teaching your class primarily. The first line of Japanese is your name and the second line is "Teacher".

status 04

student attendance icon
Student Attendance:
This icon has two purposes; selecting a student to teach and viewing your students.

  • Selecting a Student: When you highlight and press enter on this icon you will notice that your current selected student is shown with their name highlighted. This is to show you that this is the student you will be playing games with (teaching).
  • You can change characters by scrolling through the list and selecting enter, pressing the Up Arrow, high lighting the top option, than pressing enter.

  • Viewing your Students: Selecting this icon will also allow you to view and scroll through all of the students currently in your classroom. Use the Up Arrow to skip ten students forward in the list, use the Down Arrow to skip ten students backwards in the list. Use the Right and Left Arrows to scroll back and forward through your studentís one at a time. Each student is listed with their name, their number and their main study. Each of the students are numbered. I believe it is possible that your goal here is to get as many students to join your classroom as possible. A "Gotta Catch'em All" sort of concept. Find out more detailed information on the characters on the Students page.

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