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Below are many articles about Tamagotchi and relation to. Most of which are older. It's really interesting reading these articles, it gives you an idea of what it was like when Tamagotchi first came out, how hard it was to find even one for retail price and getting your hands on one was a difficult task. They depict the history of Tamagotchi in the news and what it was like during the height of the Tamagotchi craze. Each of the articles are linked with the title mentioned, writer, company, and date published, along with my comments on what's written.

While I am still looking for more to add to this page, if you have any articles or know of any that I don't have here and would like to send them to me or send me the URL, that would be appreciated, especially more current articles would be great (something I had great difficulty finding, even with Ocean and Forest Tama coming out soon). Please e-mail me if you can help bring more articles to this page, and if any are dead links I'd appreciate a note if you find any. Thanks and enjoy!

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