What about all these rumors I keep hearing?

Question: Using a certain combination of button pushing, can I get twins, triplets.. etc. on my Tamagotchi?

Answer: No, no, no, no. Not ever, never was this possible. This rumor went so far as people lying about it and making fake images. The question was eventually submitted to BanDai, and they answered saying they _never_ programmed this in, they have never heard of it, so it is false. The Exact quote was: "Rumors We Have Heard... Getting Tamagotchi Twins?!?! Some say that by pressing a secret code into the buttons on your Tamagotchi, you can get twins! Well, that's news to us. We talked to the programmers themselves on this one. No easy feat, considering they all live in Japan. And they say they didn't program Tamagotchi to make twins. However, we here at Bandai are very open-minded about alternative Tamagotchi raising techniques -- so if you have a way to make Tamagotchi twins, please drop us a note." The matter is finally settled.

Question: Can I get twins on Tamagotchi Angel/Angelgotch?

Answer: Yes! Twin Angels, Futagotenshi, is a secret character on Tamagotchi Angel and can be achieved from the Chestnut Angel, Kuriten.

Question: Is there a real 'Secret Screen' I can see?

Answer: Yes! Don't do it unless your Tamagotchi is dead, or you wish to reset it. Simply hold down the 'A' or far left button and press the reset button on the back of the Tama. Let off of "A" and press "B" then "C" and then "A" again. Watch the screen while you do this. This is actually the factory test screen, to make sure all the pixels and icons work properly. This is the only code that works for real and works on all BanDai Virtual Pets.

Question: Can I reset my Tamagotchi only a certain number of times, and then do I have to buy a new one?

Answer: False. You can reset your Tamagotchi as many times as you wish. The only time you need to buy a new one is if it is broken. Resetting it will not break it.

Question: If I submerge my Tamagotchi in water, will it show my Tamagotchi drowning on the screen because it has a 'water censor' inside?

Answer: Again false. Like any other electronic device in your house, it will ruin and break your Tamagotchi. If you believe this, ask yourself: If I throw my computer in a pool, will it show a hard drive on the screen drowning? No chance.

Question: Can I age my Tamagotchi?

Answer: Yes and No. Yes you can up the age that is shown on the status screen. Simply set the clock one minute before it goes to bed. Let it go to bed. Then set it up minute before it wakes up, let it wake up, and so on. Each time you do this it will up the age a year that shows on the status screen. Note: this doesn't work on DigiMon.

However, it will not really age your Tamagotchi. The life and age of your Tamagotchi is much like humans, we age because of the time we are actually alive, not because someone changes our age. If you age your Tamagotchi from 7 years to 9 years, it will still be 7 years old. The time it is awake and living, unpaused time, is the time that counts toward 'real age'. It will not change faster, no matter how many years you age it.

I don't recommend aging your Tamagotchi. As you can see, it really have no value or purpose. I have heard that others have actually killed their Tamagotchi doing this because they weren't paying attention to what they are doing. It works, but there is no point, so do be kind to your little cyber creature and let him live his natural life.

Question: Can I pause Tamagotchi?

Answer: Yes, you can pause Tamagotchi P1, P2, Angelgotch, Tamagotchi Angel, Tamagotchi Garden, Morino Tamagotch, Mesutchi, Osutchi, Umino Tamagotch, and Tamagotchi Ocean.

Simply make sure no icons are lit, then press the "B" or middle button. This will bring you to the clock screen. Then, at the same time, press the far right (C) and far left (A) buttons. If you did this right you will see the word "SET" appear below the clock, where the arrows ( >>>>> ) were. To unpause, simply use the far left (A) to set the hours and the middle (B) to set the minutes on the clock to the correct time. Then press the far right button (C) to start Tamagotchi. Press the middle button (B) to return to the regular screen. No harm is done using this, just remember to always set the clock to the correct time.

Question: Can I REALLY age a Tama, not just on the status?

Answer: Yes. There is a way to make your Tamagotchi grow faster. You see, a Tamagotchi ages with the amount of time it is awake. For example: If you get up at 7am, normally for most Tamagotchi you have to wake untill 9am untill it awakes. If you want it to change faster, wake it up when you wake up at 7am. Once it reaches the middle of the day change the clock back. Decide when you are going to bed, say 12M. If your Tamagotchi normally goes to bed at 9pm, then make sure that when it is 9pm your time, it says 6pm on his clock. You see it? Doing this exact example you have aged your Tamagotchi 5 hours. That is 5 hours faster it will change. I learned this by accident a while back. But.. You might note that for every hour you take away, that is an hour less he will live. A Tamagotchi that normally lives till 22 might die at 18, being because you used up 22 days worth of hours.

If you want it to change faster, only do it untill the day he changes. Than slowly give back the hours. How do you do this? Simply pausing for say.. 1 or 2 hours a day. Sure it will kinda mess up the ageing process, but because of it you could end up having your friend for more days then normal, or he could die early. That is the only way to REALLY age a Tamagotchi. Just be careful. And please don't flame me on this, but I found out about it accidently on my own and I _know_ it is fact, for I have done it more then once. This is kinda cheating though, so you prolly shouldn't do it. I'm just warning you though. Don't be upset with me if you mess it up. :)

Question: Can I pause a DigiMon?

Answer: Yes and No. Mostly no. You can use the above procedure to set the clock. But it will _not_ pause DigiMon. It has a sort of internal clock, when you set the clock back again, your DigiMon will have aged the amount of time it was on 'pause', thus it wasn't really paused at all.

While it is awake, this will not work. The only way of pausing DigiMon that has been effective to myself and other owners is simply to pause it while sleeping. It continues the functions of sleeping while on pause, but does not wake up. This is the only way to outsmart that internal clock. It doesn't know what time it really is, so I've been told that others have successfully put DigiMon on pause while sleeping, and left it for a number of days, with no harm what so ever to DigiMon. I have had success and have only used it for a few hours at a time. This seems to be the only way it works.

Question: Umino Tamagotch/OceanGotchi/Tamagotchi Ocean has a water censor and I have to put it in water for a certain amount of hours per day?

Answer: No. Wouldn't we all love that though? This rumor has been proven false by the owners of Umino Tamagotch. While it does have a sound/motion censor like Angelgotch, it doesn't have a water censor. If you put it in water, it will break.

Question: Morino Tamagotch/Forestgotchi/Tamagotchi Garden has a voice censor, so it can talk to me?

Answer: Unfortunately this is false as well. Morino Tamagotch can not talk in any way at all. It does have the motion/sound censor just like Angelgotch, but it will not talk to you. It will beep, though.

Question: Do I (Me, Kat, maker of these pages) hate Pochitchi of P2 Tamagotchi? Do you hate dogs? Do you have 'real' pets? (I get asked this allot in email.. I give the wrong impression on my pages...)

Answer: Hate is a strong word. Fact is I don't 'hate' any of the Tamagotchi characters. There are some I like more then others. Pochitchi is not one of my favorite characters, in fact is probably one of my least favorite. This being, not because of what he is, but because I think the animation was poorly done, it's just not cute to me. He is cute when he turns to his side when he's happy. But to me, I am just not a fan (just like I'm not a Mametchi fan...) But no I don't hate him.

And no, I don't hate dogs. My dislike has nothing to do with what Pochitchi is. I rather love dogs and have always had at least one in my house when growing up. I love animals and right now I have 2 cats and a dog, whom I love very much.

Question: Where do I (Kat, maker of these pages) get my Japanese Tamagotchi (ie: Mesutchi & Osutchi, Angelgotch, Morino Tamagotch, etc)?

Answer: The only places I buy them is http://www.tomodachi.net/omochayasan/ and I win them off of ebay auctions.

Do you have any rumors are you unsure of and need an answer? Email me and I'll do my best to answer!

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