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Written separately from my Tama Logs, this log covers my experience from day to day I experience with my Mesutchi & Osutchi. The Tama's them selves came from Japan and I read no Japanese so I took advice from what I have read on web pages and on the Tama List and hatched them on June 11th, 1998. This is part 2 of 3 logs of my first hatched pair of Mesu/Osu. Note: It might be good to read Mesutchi & Osutchi Information before you read this page, unless you have a pair and know what I'm talking about! :) I made most of the images on this page, please don't take them. If you choose to steal them anyway, don't link directly to my server, please upload to your own server.

Alas, please forgive me. This log is not nearly as well done as many others I have made. I was out of town and on vacation for a good 3 weeks of time, during which I chose to keep Mesu/Osu running. That is the reason I borrowed other images.. because I wasn't able to make any... and now onto what is probably my worst log yet! :) I will replace the borrowed images in the future when I am able to get the characters and make my own animations.

This log is written from June 29th to July 25th, covering the events during June 21st and on. One of my worst logs... don't worry number 3 will be much better.

Monday June 29th: I got home from my week in California yesterday, late last night. I did keep Mesu and Osu running the entire week I was gone, as my friends wanted to see that special moment in their lives before the week ended.

A quick rundown of this week and what happened with Osu and Mesu is all I am going to write here. If you wanna read about the entire week with all my Tama's and the events of the week, that will be in my Tama Logs.

I got up early and was on a plane at 6:50am Sunday the 21st. They were still in the baby form when I left off my last log. They weren't to get up until 9am so I didn't wake them up early, unlike Mimitchi whom I did wake up early.

When they woke up they changed within an hour of the flight and changed into the next Babitchi stage, Hyurutchi.


Above is the image I made of them.. they both look exactly the same.

"Hyuruchi is a strange little guy who just sort of sneaks up on you and sits there, smiling and not doing anything in particular. If you find him close to you, be kind to him. if you tell him that he's not very noticeable, he might be hurt!"- Japanese translation from Mesutchi & Osutchi HQ

Sadly since I was not able to keep a log of the events I can tell you the characters, but not allot much more. I can tell you that my Tamaís went through the basic cycle that they did the first time around, but this time with different characters and different food.

They were in this part of the Babitchi stage for only about 2 days. Around age 3 and 4 they changed into the next stage of the Babitchi stage for TMP2:


I made this animation after the fact, because I later got this character.

"Hikochi is very proud of how quickly he can speed around using the jet flames that shoot out of his feet. Whether chatting with someone or just having fun, he always bursts in and out of the action; as a result he often jumps to the wrong conclusions and makes mistakes."- Japanese translation from Mesutchi & Osutchi HQ

While in this stage I was confused and mis-thought this was the adult stage, having no growth chart didn't help any. But I remembered that the Babitchi stage consists of 2 long stages, then comes the Kodomotchi stage, child stage, and then it's to an adult. So this is in fact the child stage I got for Osutchi.


This is my animation, I just made it so I no longer have to use the one I didn't make!

Mesutchi adult UFO-tchi: "A flying tomboy who's always full of energy and pep. Sometimes she flies too high and hits her head on the ceiling. People call her a silly klutz, but she doesn't seem to mind."- Japanese translation from Mesutchi & Osutchi HQ

While in this stage I found this character to be most cute of all the characters I had gotten in TMP2 so far. They were both very sweet and still in this child stage at age 7 years. While I was hoping to get the Mimitchi-like characters for the adult, I missed them and got the top ones again.


The above image is mine, made after this pair died.

Osu Hiratchi adult "A playboy and social butterfly who floats around and chases after girls. He always says "Love's gotta have a little spice to it" and is constantly looking for a new love."- Japanese translation from Mesutchi & Osutchi HQ

They always changed within 5 minutes of each other, and often it was pretty random who would change first.


This image I made after the fact too, later on I got these characters again so I was able to make my own animation.

Mesu adult Piratchi: "When this tam falls in love, she falls hard!!! No matter when or where she is, she can't stop thinking and worrying about him, so she'll follow the guy around all day long. But if she's too persistent and pushy, he might not like her anymore!"- Japanese translation from Mesutchi & Osutchi HQ

They both finally changed into this adult stage around age 9. I found it kinda odd that most of the time they changed it was either late at night or really early in the morning, with a maybe two times in the afternoon the whole time I was in California.

When in this stage they were really easy to care for like any other adult. It was on Friday that they became the adults, around 10am. There was soo much going on at this time I just wasn't able to keep track of everything. In all reality the main reason I brought them was because my Internet friends wanted me to bring them, they wanted to see them do their thing. I kept them going for the entire vacation. I didn't pause them even once that entire week to ensure they'd be ready by Saturday. And they were.

On the morning of Saturday after a long exhausting week I picked up those Tama's once more and checked that mating icon. This time, they could mate. One day after becoming adults they were able to procreate. All four of us gathered around after just waking up in the Hotel. I held Mesu as I think she does much more interesting animationís then Osu. While my friend Ashley held Osu. We connected them at the top and went through the same procedure as before.

While the mating process was pretty much the same, the animationís were different due to the different characters. While I found the first time to be entirely fascinating and the animationís to be very impressive, this time around I was a little disappointed - and so was everyone there. I noticed that the characters lacked different animationís, variety is the spice of life, and these characters lacked variety. Not as excited, but still fun. The result was Petitchocotchi.


Here is my animation of them, made after the fact, of course :)

PETIT-CHOCO-CHI: "S/he loves sweets and candies, and adores chocolate in particular. S/he'd better be careful of cavities and over-eating."- Japanese translation from Mesutchi & Osutchi HQ

These babies, to me, weren't as cute, but still cute. They reminded me more of cats or other smaller cat like creatures. I had these babies with their parents for only 2 nights. On Monday, the day after I got home, the parents left the Babitchi I'd assume at midnight that second night, like the first time. I didn't see their departure, as I was sleeping.

While I was home things have been quite busy. They were pretty needy even in this stage. Not as needy as Tamagotchi Babitchi, but nearly. They remained in this stage until the age of 4. They changed today, July 2nd, into this character:


Another new animation, made after their death.

"Even though Mizutamachi is only a child, s/he knows all the rumors about who's going out with whom in the Adultchi world. S/he may look cute, but s/he really quite precocious!"- Japanese translation from Mesutchi & Osutchi HQ

Very cute characters indeed. Changed early in the morning while I was at work and when they went to bed at 8pm, they were fully disciplined.

Mizu Sleeping

Now that I am back home and trying to catch up on all my email and logs, I have made my first animation of my characters since TMP1, the above image is mine, I made it. This is what they look like sleeping in this stage, at TMP3, generation 3.

July 5th: Well I never did get the animation made for those 2 before they changed again. They changed into the Kodomotchi stage this morning around 10am. And both asked for one discipline already. So right now they are 7 years, 31lbs, 75% disciplined.


This is my image, made after the fact....

"He's using all the rumors he's heard (and confirmed) as research for his Great Romance Novel. That's why, even though he doesn't have much actual experience in falling in love, he acts like he knows everything."- Japanese translation from Mesutchi & Osutchi HQ


"A little chatterbox that just won't shut up when it comes to stuff about boyfriends or rumors of love. If you're foolish enough to tell know within an hour, so be careful."- Japanese translation from Mesutchi & Osutchi HQ

I didn't find these characters as loveable as Mizu, but that's okay, they were still very sweet. They always went to bed before I was even home each night, I never got to make any animations of them. If in the future I get them again, I will put more accurate images on this page, images of my own.

July 9th: Welp they changed yet again. The week has been terribly busy and as I have had a hard time updating these logs, I will try my best to keep up, but for the next 2 weeks it will be less then entertaining until I go back to having more time to do these logs.

They changed into the adult characters and I must say they are my favorite adult characters thus far.. they are sooo cute. I love them so much, they are so sweet..

The Osutchi changed into Kabutchi.. one of the sweetest Tama's ever....


"Kabuchi just wants to meet and fall in love with the kind of girl who can make him feel happy and at ease just by being near. He's a bit of a dreamer and romantic, isn't he?"- Japanese translation from Mesutchi & Osutchi HQ

Along with him, Mesutchi changed into Pipotchi, a very loveable adult!


"This sweet little "cupid" is the kind of girl who's busy helping her friends "get together"... So before she knows it, she's the only one without a boyfriend! Someone please introduce her to a nice guy that deserves her!"- Japanese translation from Mesutchi & Osutchi HQ

The above image of Pipotchi is mine, made after the fact...

Pipo & PetitTere
Pipotchi & Petit-Teretchi
Kabu & PetitTere
Kabutchi & PetitTere

The above images I made myself of this cute couple with their babies.. I love them so much, they are so sweet!

This sweet and very loveable couple were able to mate the next day, but my sister wanted to be there when it happened, so the mating didn't occur until the next day. It happened in my office at work, toward the end of the day. This was a more exciting and fun mating, much more impressive animationís occurred and the babies are really cute. I intend on making some animationís of my own as there is _no_ growth character for the fourth generation, not on BanDai's page, or any page I've been able to find for the matter. I don't even have names...

Here they are sleeping :)


I know it looks like a mistake on the Kabutchi image.. it's not though. I swear that's how it looks on my Tama. I don't know if that is a programing mistake in general, only a mistake in my Osutchi, or if it's ment to be something? Eitherway that's really what it looks like.

July 20th, Monday: Well I've been updating logs, writing emails and other such things, forgetting I haven't even posted this page yet. First I gotta fill you in on most recent of happenings.

Last week, the 15th, late that night my two sweet Generation 3 adults left at 12:05am, as they have always so far. I was rather sad to see Kabutchi leave me.. he is my fave adult character on Mesu/Osu so far. They were so cute together.. I wish they didn't have to leave so fast after mating. Either way, they did and left me their babies, unnamed, unknown, secret fourth generation children. I didn't make any animationís of them, Ďcept the ones I made in the images with their parents.

NOTE: Update, I found the names to the Gen4 Characters, so names have been filled in from here on out! :)

The babitchi names where Petit-Teretchi. The second part of the babitchi stage was Harutchi. I wish i had found this page at the time I had these characters.

Soon they did grow up though.. to become.. the next Babitchi stage in Generation 4.. I wish BanDai had shared the names with the rest of us.. really I'm clueless at naming things, that's why I always just go with the names given, usually they fit, anyway. I did finally make an animated gif of them in this second half of the Babitchi stage..:

Harutchi Mesu/Osu Gen4

Isn't he sweet? I made it myself.. there is a slight flaw in the animation.. but you can't tell unless you have him right now on your Mesu/Osu. If I keep messing up then I'll know if people take my images or not, by the small flaw that I made ;)

Today I was working all day and had very little time for them. I was meaning to scan them so I kept the weight close to 98 all day. I wanted to get a scan of Debutchi. The character it changes into when it gets over weight. In this condition I can only play games with it and check status. I decided that when I got home I'd make the animationís I wanted of them, instead of a scan. Well... here is Debutchi..


Isn't it cute? I really liked how it looked when it got happy so I did a animation of it getting happy. But I didn't put in the happy sun on it..

Debu Happy
Debutchi Happy

As I was making these animationís I got the female down to 89 units so she changed back into the Babitchi character, Harutchi. Soon enough I hear her beeping at me... in fact three of my Tama's beeping... I realized it was actually 8pm.. bed time.. ugh! So it went to bed in this form! It looks so... sickly. I hope he's okay tomorrow... I do hope it doesn't effect what character he becomes.. I can't even turn out the lights! I can't do anything with him, Ďcept check status. This also means I don't have an animation of the character, which I so wanted to do... sooo I believe I will be waking him up tonight. I don't want him sleeping like this. Here is the image of him sleeping in this form:

Sleeping Debu
Sleeping Debu

Doesn't he look horribly sick? Is he drooling? Ick. I'm gonna wake him and get him back to normal.. I feel like I'm torturing him.

I got him back up now and I just finished playing the game and got his weight below 90, so now he's back to being his normal self. The attention light doesn't want to go off, not matter what I do. I had to turn off the lights, then turn it back on to get the attention light to go off... weird... BanDai mistake?

Okay so he is back in bed, basically aged a year, but in bed and looking much happier ;)

Harutchi Sleeping
Mating Tama Sleep G4

July 21st, Tuesday: This afternoon when I got to work I jumped into the office and scanned them, as it has been a while and I wanted to catch them before they changed. Well I scanned one image and as I was about to scan my second, one of them changed on me. The Mesutchi went into the Kodomotchi stage of Generation 4, Pyukichi.

The Osutchi didn't change for another 20 minutes. The reason being when I woke him up last night to get his weight down so he could go to bed as himself and not Debutchi, I didn't wake her up, so that was time he used up while she was sleeping, thus she is ahead of him in pooping, changing, and discipline.

 Pyukichi Mesutchi
Kuribochi Osutchi4

I made somewhat, but not completely, accurate animations of both of them. They are both very cute characters. When they eat their arms reach out to grab peices of the bread as they put it into their mouths. When they play the game they have heir back toward me. When the Mesu wins she jumps up and down, it's so adorable! When the Osu wins the game he jumps up with his feet in front of him, kinda like a sitting position.

I am still in the process of getting their weight down, so unfortunitly they are both above 50 units. Today they both asked for discipline once, so they are now at 75% discipline... right now that is.. I still have a few hours to go.

I wrote most of the above at work today. But they did finally go to bed at 9pm, after I made my animations. Mesutchi went to bed with full hearts, 75% discipline, with 8 years and 80lbs. I didn't get time to get their weight down due to working late. Osutchi went to bed with full hearts, 75% discipline, 9 years (actualy 8..), and 62lbs. I will hopefully get them both back downt o normal weight tomorrow.

I was in such a hurry to get animations done of them I just barely finished before their bed time which left me with no time to bring the weight down. I also scanned them today, soon I shall have more images up on my 'Glimpse of Tamagotchi' page.

Pyukichi Sleeping
Mesu sleep
Osu Sleeping
Kuribochi sleep

July 25th, Saturday: Well after that aging incident, I aged them both, so they now read 13 years old. Well they are really both 12 today. And yesterday they changed into adults! You will have to forgive me, or should I say my PocketArtist animation program. It has some cliche in there.. I could make the animations to my newly arrived adults, but I could not center the image, thus they start in weird places, instead of the center. But the animation is definitly correct. Hey, just more protection that ppl won't steal my images hehe. :) So I present to you, ChoMametchi and ChoHimetchi:


Forgive the animations, but they are right, cept they need to be centered a bit ;)

Anyway, I got them yesterday evening shortly before they were to go to bed. They were only 75% disciplined, so this must mean I did not get the best characters, no? Since there is no chart, I can't tell, but that's okay, they are really cute.

Now I know that anyone whom knows me from my web pages, know I am not a fan of Mametchi.. no, she was never my fave. This doesn't effect my judgement on ChoMametchi, whom I think is very cute and loveable. ChoMametchi has Mimitchi's beautiful ears, afterall :) I can't help but to love that face, even if the eye's look kinda creepy and hollow :P

They asked for 2 disciplines today. One to fill up that 25%, then an extra, taking them each to 125% discipline. They are very cute! It's sad when I discipline ChoHimetchi... she get so sad, kneals down and cries, poor gal. Then ChoMametchi.. well he is so cute, he turns around and sobs, his little ears bounce up and down, it's so cute! :) The boucing ears, not his pain :P

They went to bed tonight at 13 years (actualy 12), Mesu is 36lbs, Osu is 35lbs, full discipline, full hearts. They were ready to mate, but I wasn't ready to mate them, yet. They went to bed tonight at 10pm:


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