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Welcome to my newest logs of Mesutchi & Osutchi. Written separately from my Tama Logs, this log covers my experience from September 29th to October 23rd. The hatching date begins on September 29th, 1998. The Tama's them selves came from Japan and I read no Japanese so I took advice from what I have read on web pages and on the Tama List. This log and on will depict my second hatched pair of Mesutchi and Osutchi, after my first pair died. Note: It might be good to read Mesutchi & Osutchi Information before you read this page, unless you have a pair and know what I'm talking about! :) I made most of the images on this page, please don't take them. If you choose to steal them anyway, don't link directly to my server, please upload to your own server.

Tuesday, September 29th, 1998: At exactly 2:48pm today I pressed the "C" button to activate the clock and in five minutes from now they will be little babitchi!

Mesutchi Egg
Mesutchi Egg
Osutchi Egg
Osutchi Egg

This being my second hatching I have decided to hatch a different pair. This pair is different to looks and style. I bought this pair and it took months for it to get to me because of a mess up in the mail, but I finally received them, to find out my second choice I liked better.. I like the clear colors, guess it shouldn't have surprised me when I felt I liked my clear ones better. No less I really like these as well and I'm glad I finally got them.

The Mesutchi (female) is a white egg. The border is orange and so are the buttons. At the top of the egg is the cover in which is orange as well. On the cover is the female symbol (circle with a cross) on the left side. Below that on the Tama is the word "Tamagotch" in block lettering, all caps. In front and in back of the word is a cartoon drawing of two different characters. Both of the cartoons have crowns on their heads and big lips. I don't think they were made to represent any of the real Mesu/Osu characters... I've never seen any like them, the only one I've seen with a crown is ChoHimetchi and she don't look like that. Anyway, down both sides of the egg are four hearts two dark orange, two light orange.

The Osutchi (male) is also a white egg. In fact the design is exactly the same to the female with a few differences. The main color on the Osutchi is green and white. The border and buttons are green. On the green cover is the male symbol (circle with an arrow). This also has the two characters with "Tamagotchi" at the top. Instead of orange hearts down the sides of the egg, on Osutchi he has light and dark green stars down the sides, 4 on each side as well. I will make scans in the future of both of them.

At 2:54pm (yes, 6 minutes later!) they hatched! I had forgotten how cute Kuritchi is! Ahhhh, I love them! I missed running Mesu and Osu. :)

MesuOsu Babitchi Kuritchi

Kuritchi: "One minute he's laughing, and the next, he's throwing a temper tantrum! Kurichi ("Chestnut") sure is a moody guy! His little yellow body may turn red with rage, but his sunny side and angry side just show his wide range of emotion." - Japanese translation from Mesutchi & Osutchi HQ

I quickly filled them up with rice and played 4 games. They are born at 0 years and 5 lbs (I use pounds cause I'm not sure if it's pounds or ounces or what..). I'm treating them pretty equal right now as they are just little babies, but when they get older I intend on treating them differently because I want to get some other characters then I got last time.

Well, they finally changed into the second part of the babitchi stage. Before they changed this is what occurred:

I fed them each 21 meals and played 21 games (during which they never gained one pound, one way or another it never moved like most Tama’s during this stage). They both pooped at the following times: 3:21pm, 3:45pm, 3:54pm. They got sick at 3:27pm and took a 5 minute nap at 3:37pm.

Mesutchi was the first one to change, even though they were started at the very same time and done the same everything with. No less she changed first at 3:57pm and Mesu changed at 3:58pm. They both, of course, changed into MohiTamatchi.


"This laid-back guy doesn't worry about the little things in life. His purple mohawk-style hair-do may look cool, but when he gets mad, all his hair stands on end!" - Japanese translation from Mesutchi & Osutchi HQ

When they changed into this stage they remained age 0 (as it didn't change even though they napped) and the weight went up to 10 units on both. The discipline is at 0% right now, but I'm sure that will change soon.

Okay, to finish out the evening.. here is what the rest of Mesu and Osu's night was like. They weren't very needy, but I guess I'm used to the neediness of Ocean Tama. Between the time of them changing into MohiTamatchi and going to bed at 8pm they required 7 games and 7 meals each. They only pooped once both at 7:05pm. Neither of them were sick or any of that. But they did both need discipline. Mesu got it at 6:09pm and Osu didn’t beep for it until 6:10pm. This brought both their discipline up 3 lines.

Promptly at 8pm they went to bed, all full and happy little critters!

Mohi Sleeping
MohiTamatchi Sleeping

Thursday, October 1st, 1998: Well I went to work today and because of that I really didn't tally my Mesu/Osu progress. But I will say that they kept asking for discipline (3 or 4 times today) and I decided only to discipline them to 75%, so I kept ignoring those selfish calls. Once when I looked over at them and I had ignored their selfish call, they were both pouting because I didn't set them straight! Pouting because I didn't discipline them... now that's weird!

I gotta note that even though yesterday them asking for discipline was out of sinch by one minute, today they were perfectly in sinch.

They were not very needy at all today, they act just like Marutchi on P1, generaly easy to care for. Now today is their third day with me (day 1 actualy was counted as day 0), but I didn't think about that because it read 2 years on status.. but they changed anyway. Right at the end of the day when I was about to leave the office I heard that familiar changing sound. They both changed at the same time. And even thought I only disciplined them to 75% (as opposed to my first pair that was to 200% technically) I still got the 'good' teen characters, Obotchi and Ojotchi.


Obotchi:"A fashionable little gentleman who spends all his time worrying about the little curl in the middle of his forehead. He's really quite a mischevious little guy, but in front of the "grown-ups" he acts like a well-behaved little "Student Council President"-type. " - Japanese translation from Mesutchi & Osutchi HQ

That's sweet little Obotchi, ain't he simply adorable? :)


"She may seem well-mannered and charming, but she's still at that mischevious stage, so go easy on her! She thinks of herself as a proper little lady, however, so if you don't treat her as such, she might get upset and sulk! " - Japanese translation from Mesutchi & Osutchi HQ

And that's Ojotchi, she's so very sweet! I really like these two characters. I have always thought that Tamatchi on P1 was extremely cute. These guys are like Tamatchi, a generation of two down the line (actualy... that's true if you think about it..). I lvoe them both and I know that this is only the kodomotchi stage (teen/child stage), but i kinda wish they would stay longer then the few days I know they will still untill they are adults.

When they changed they both dropped to 0% discipline and I have decided to discipline Obotchi to 50% while keeping Ojotchi at 0%. This will hopefully get me differant adult characters then what I had last time, plus I plan on not taking really great care of them either. So maybe this combo will get me an interesting pair of adults :) And hopefully they are compatable too!

They asked for no discipline after they changed today so they went to bed happy and full at 2 years, 20 units of weight and 0% discipline.

Ojotchi Sleep
Obotchi Sleep

October 5th, Monday: My apologies but I was out most of the weekend and with work being it's worst, I havn't had time to make the animations that I needed to post this log, untill today that is.

I was out most of the weekend and during that time I took okay to bad care of Mesu and Osu. I ended up only discipling Osutchi to 25% while Mesutchi remained at 0% the entire time. Due to the soft beep I missed many oppertunities to discipline. I also noticed that as I perfered to treat Osutchi better then Mesutchi, that Mesutchi needed discipline always first and Osutchi always pooped first, which was wierd. They were both off from each other by over 4 minutes as well, even though I started them at the same time, that's how I knew the neglect was really effecting them. It paid off as yesterday (the 4th) they both changed and into differant adult characters then I got last time.

On the growth chart the two adults I got are 3rd down (out of four generation one characters) and weirdly even though i tried to mistreat the female more then the male, they both turned out to be a pair of 'matching' characters.

Below is the Osutchi animation of Bunbutchi, whom changed at the same time as the Mesutchi, late Sunday evening.

Bunbutchi Osutchi Adult

Bunbutchi: "He's a little shy and bashful, so even if he wants to say "I love you" to that special girl that he's got a crush on, he's can't quite work up the courage to do so. Sometimes, he somehow manages to end up fighting with her, even if he really doesn't want to.... If only he could learn to be truer to his feelings!" - Japanese translation from Mesutchi & Osutchi HQ

And here below is my animation I made of Mesutchi Adult, Bunkotchi.

Bunkotchi Osutchi Adult

Bunkotchi: "She tells all her friends that she doesn't need a boyfriend, but in reality she's really quite curious! She hopes someday to have a relationship with a handsome, wonderful guy that she can brag about to all her friends." - Japanese translation from Mesutchi & Osutchi HQ

I am still amazed they managed to become the same characters down on the growth chart. No less today is the second day, which of course means they can mate. But I promised my friend that we'd mate them tomorrow together so she can see it... so tomorrow I shall have information on the babitchi they make together... man, it would be simply awesome if I could get the Mimitchi characters :} Right now they are both at 75% (they went up to 50% when they changed) and I am going to keep them this way, untill after they mate and I see what babies they get :)

They both went to bed after a much quiet evening at 10pm...

Bunbutchi Sleep
Bunkotchi Sleep

Tuesday, October 6th: On my lunch break today I did mate my two Tama’s, Leanne held the Osu, I held the Mesu. We both selected the mating icon, and while they were doing their little dance, we connected them at the top. The "B" button was pushed on the Osu and they both came back saying "OK". Then the "B" was pressed again on the Osu and the screen blacked in little by little, then cleared again, they both slid off the screen and then came back, really happily. They bounced around and then they both stood still. The male watched the Mesu as she stood still in the corner ready to pop some babies out. I held my breath in anticipation for the new arrivals. I watched as they each popped out... familiar faces. I got two baby Tsubutchi, the same babies I got the first time I mated Mesu and Osu so long ago. With some disappointment I watched the male baby join the father and then watched them hug and beep happily until it was over.

So sadly, I didn't get the babies that change into the Mimitchi characters, but hey, maybe I'll get lucky? I'm not disciplining at all this time around... let it be!

Tsubutchi: "No matter what happens, this laid-back guy never worries or panics. He may look like a tiny little speck, but he's strong enough to lift the heaviest of objects without even breaking into a sweat!" - Japanese translation from Mesutchi & Osutchi HQ

I will be making an animation for Tsubutchi after the parents leave in a couple of days. I fear that this may lead me down the same road of characters I had last time.. though that's not really a bad thing, I just like variety. No less I've decided that when I reach the fourth generation and mate them, if it starts going in a circle like before, I'm going to start my other pair of Mesu & Osu (vs. the neglecting idea because that only killed them, literally) and cross mate them from there, which will be interesting :)

In the next two day's I will make the animation for Tsubutchi. I'll just make the one of him alone, after the adult leaves, as it seems I get this character a lot, never know when I'll need it in the future! :) They will most likely leave in 2 nights from now.

In other thoughts, I hate to commit to it, but I do intend on making my own growth chart for Mesu and Osu, based on the Japanese chart at Bandai's site. I don't know I'll get this complete, hopefully soon. I'll be working over the weekend, so I make no promises as to when, but hopefully soon. Since I don't get paid to do this, I have to work at my job before I work on my page ;).

Either way, right now they are both 7 years old and with children of course, the Mesutchi is 43 lbs because I was trying to neglect her more then the male (which I didn't do very well at it seems), while the Osutchi is 20lbs (I believe to be the minimum). They will be going to bed at 10 tonight, after which I will try to go to bed too! :P

Thursday October 8th, 1998: Today I managed to *shock* take a tally of my Mesu and Osu's progress while at work. It's been so busy lately, I feel I'm lucky I managed to do this during work. Either way.. here is today's findings...

Mesutchi, Bunkotchi & Tsubutchi, required 13 meals and 13 games. They did not ask for discipline (that I heard) even though she is still at 75% only. Tsubutchi got sick several times today; at 9:50am, 11:45am, 4:48pm and 9:58pm. Bunkotchi only got sick one time today at 6:27pm.

Bunkotchi pooped at the following times: 10:45am, 1:13pm, 6:06pm, 8:28pm. Tsubutchi pooped every 1 hour and 1 minute all day. Starting at 9:49am, 10:50am, 11:51am, 12:52pm, 1:53pm and so on... you get the point.

Osutchi, Bunbutchi & Tsubutchi, also required 13 meals and 13 games today. They also did not require any discipline, thus remaining at only 75% (unless I missed it). Tsubutchi also got sick on this Tama a few times; 9:47am, 11:44am, 4:48pm, and 9:57pm. Bunbutchi only got sick once at 6:35pm.

Bunkotchi pooped at: 10:42am, 1:10pm, 3:37pm, 8:26pm. Tsubutchi pooped just as the Mesu baby did, every 1 hour and 1 minute: 9:47am, 10:48am, 11:49pm, 12:50pm, 1:51pm and so on for the rest of the day...

I suspect that the parent will be leaving tonight at midnight. It is unlikely I will be up to say good bye to them, but I might. I have to work through Saturday and really need my sleep.

These characters are really strange, the adults that is. I was looking at them and they seem really human to me. They have very human like qualities, which is kinda funny. When they eat they use their hands to put the food in their mouth and also to feed the babies. The female looks like she’s wearing a skirt and the male looks like he's in shorts or pants. Bunbutchi's mouth looks like he has a mustache above his lip. Besides Ojotchi, Obotchi and Tamatchi, I think these character's look the most human.. extremely human. Tamatchi on P1 has always seemed more human to me then alien or animal.

They both got sick and pooped right before they went to bed! Ugh I just barely got it all cleaned up and taken care of before they slept! No less I got it in time, so they just went to bed all happy and full and tonight is most likely their last night with the parent. I shall see tomorrow most likely.

Friday, October 9th: Today I made a tally and actually was able to succeed in keeping in all day at work. Last night the parents did leave, like I suspected they might. I didn't look until I got to work this morning though. I always leave my Tama's on the clock screen at night (with the exception of DigiMon when I have one going as he won't beep when on that screen). Well, when I pressed "B" to go from clock to main screen at first when it scrolled I saw the lights off and the two “Z”'s. But as soon as it finished scrolling the lights went on, and only one "Z" with the Tsubutchi was on the screen. I turned off the light and let them sleep until 9am, when they awoke.

When they woke a few changes were apparent. The status read 2 yrs, 5lbs, 0% discipline, TMP is 2 and second generation. They, of course, were both completely empty on happy and hunger. Also the food changed, as this is the second generation of Mesu & Osu. Instead of the Gen1 (also P1) bread and traditional candy, they now have a lunch box of some sort that opens up when feeding a meal and a cup cake for the snack.

I will tell you briefly about their day. They both required 21 meals and 21 games. I had neglected Mesu more then Osu, so she always asked for discipline first, but Osu always emptied hearts faster then her.

They did not get sick at all today. Mesu asked for discipline at 11:49am and 2:48pm. Osu asked for discipline at 11:47am, 2:36pm, and 5:40pm. I gave only one discipline and that was to Osu at the first opportunity, otherwise I neglected them both in this area.

They sure slowed down in pooping since the parent left. Mesu pooped at 12pm, 2:56pm and 5:41pm. Osu pooped at 12pm and 2:56pm.

Seem incomplete for an entire day? That's because it is. I put Mesu and Osu on pause from 5:50pm until well after they were ready for bed. I was out late last night so when I got home I set the clock right and they both went straight to bed.

I said I'd get an animation for the babies after they changed, well as plans come and go, so does mine and I didn't get home at a time where I felt I had time to make the animation. For the curious, I got a new pet last night, a Bunny Rabbit and I had to get her home and settled, by which was much later in the evening and since I had to work the next day, I was unable to stay up late.

Saturday, October 10th: This morning when they did wake up, Mesu asked fro discipline and Osu pooped, thus completing yesterday's end.. well not entirely, minus them few hours they were on pause.

I was out all day today though, I had intended on making the animation of the babies today.. but did I? Sure didn't. I would have loved to, except they changed before I got home from the pet store! Well they both changed into Hyurutchi's and I did make an animation of them.


Above is the image I made of them.. they both look exactly the same.

"Hyuruchi is a strange little guy who just sort of sneaks up on you and sits there, smiling and not doing anything in particular. If you find him close to you, be kind to him. if you tell him that he's not very noticeable, he might be hurt!"- Japanese translation from Mesutchi & Osutchi HQ

I did not tally anything today, except they did ask for discipline a couple of times, in which I ignored btw. But I will note to you that right after they changed into this form, even though Mesu was at 0% discipline at the time of change and Osu was at 25%, both of their discipline went up to 25%! This time I will not discipline either of them.. wonder if it will automatically move up on the next change? This is the second part of the babitchi stage, so I have another whole stage to go before I even see an adult.

Anyway, here is the animation of what they look like when they sleep I made..

Hyurutchi sleeping

Monday, October 12th: Today was a busy day for me, most of which was spent 'bunny-proofing' my room. My sweet rabbit Angel has the run of my room now, she's so much happier with more time outside her cage. Anyway, this has nothing to do with Mesu and Osu, except due to the time of change.

Yes, they changed today into the kodomotchi (child/teen) stage. Yes this is the same characters I had on my other pair sometime back. I neglected them badly, didn't discipline at all, yet I still managed to get these characters again. Something makes me think that maybe some of these characters are pre-determined? Either way, they are *really* cute! This time I was able to make the animations of them as well. They changed a little after 1pm today. Here is my Osutchi animation.


Osutchi:"Hikochi is very proud of how quickly he can speed around using the jet flames that shoot out of his feet. Whether chatting with someone or just having fun, he always bursts in and out of the action; as a result he often jumps to the wrong conclusions and makes mistakes."- Japanese translation from Mesutchi & Osutchi HQ

Only one minute later, Mesutchi changed into UFO-tchi...Here is my Mesutchi animation.


Mesutchi adult UFO-tchi: "A flying tomboy who's always full of energy and pep. Sometimes she flies too high and hits her head on the ceiling. People call her a silly klutz, but she doesn't seem to mind."- Japanese translation from Mesutchi & Osutchi HQ

Later in the day my sister dragged me away from Angel and out of the house to see a movie called "What Dreams May Come". It's pretty good, my Tama's watched with me :).

They asked for discipline but I have given none and have no intention of giving any at all from here on out. What I can tell you is that the discipline remains at 25% (even thought I never gave that 25% to Mesutchi at all, it went up on it's own) on both Tama's. They are both 5 years today, Mesu weights 22lbs while Osu weights 21lbs, the minimum is 20 units of weight.

Hikotchi Sleep
Ufotchi Sleep

Thursday, October 15: Wow, it's been a while since I updated. Time has been flying away without me. Anyway. To my surprised my Mesu & Osu changed again and into their adult form this evening shortly before I am to go to a play.

When I heard the beeping I wasn't sure if I wanted to look at the screen or not.. was I going to get the same adult characters I got last time? Or did my severe neglect and no discipline efforts get me someone else? Nope, got the same adults... hmm... Here are the animations and character descriptions of each.


Mesu adult Piratchi: "When this tam falls in love, she falls hard!!! No matter when or where she is, she can't stop thinking and worrying about him, so she'll follow the guy around all day long. But if she's too persistent and pushy, he might not like her anymore!"- Japanese translation from Mesutchi & Osutchi HQ

They changed while I was at my computer, Mesutchi at 2:05pm and Osutchi at 2:06pm.


Osu Hiratchi adult "A playboy and social butterfly who floats around and chases after girls. He always says "Love's gotta have a little spice to it" and is constantly looking for a new love."- Japanese translation from Mesutchi & Osutchi HQ

When they changed their weight remained at 20 units while they both changed at age 8 and even though I have not given any discipline since the first generation adults the discipline now reads 50% on each of them, which is kinda strange.

You might notice the posting of this log is kinda late, that is due to the fact that I did not get to make the animation before they went to bed last night, so there was a day posting delay, no log is complete without the animation :)

They both went to bed promptly at 10pm. I shall mate them Saturday and with hopes I will get the 3rd generation babitchi I had last time. This is because I want the adult Kabutchi, whom is my all time favorite Osutchi character, he is just the sweetest! :)

Piratchi Sleep
Hiratchi Sleep

Saturday October 17th: This morning well... early afternoon I got up and decided I needed to mate these two before they can't do it anymore. So I asked my sister if she waned to hold one during the mating and she wanted the male one. Which was fine with me, the female animations are more exciting to watch :)

So we stood in the middle of my room under the light and popped off the tops and connected them. We each initiated the mating icon and the show went on from there.

The mating took a little bit and as I expected Piratchi popped out the gen3 babitchi, Petitchocotchi. I'm deciding rather I should do the animation now, or after the parents leave.. and due to the fact I have so many other things to work on, I think I'm gonna wait to do the baby animation untill after the parents leave.

PETIT-CHOCO-CHI: "S/he loves sweets and candies, and adores chocolate in particular. S/he'd better be careful of cavities and over-eating."- Japanese translation from Mesutchi & Osutchi HQ

Since the babies where born nothing really changed. The discipline remained at 50% (even though I never gave that) and the weight remained the same as did the TMP and generation.. all of that doesn't change untill the parents leave in a night or two.

One thing I note is the babies really go poop every 1 hour and 1 minute and they seem to get sick easily, sometimes once or twice a day, which I find weird, but since it's always been normal with all the babitchi I've had on Mesu and Osu I've never really questioned it being beyond normal.

October 21st, Webnesday: The parents finally did leave Mesu and Osu at midnight a couple of nights ago and between work and well work I did manage to make an animation of them after the parents left. Here is my promised image of Petitchocotchi:


I made that on the night of the 20th, my apologies for not uploading sooner, life has been so busy, but that happens whenever I have a birthday.

Today the babies changed again, into the next stage I've had before and I did make an animation of them.


They both look the same in this stage, that's why I only made one of them. :)

"Even though Mizutamachi is only a child, s/he knows all the rumors about who's going out with whom in the Adultchi world. S/he may look cute, but s/he really quite precocious!"- Japanese translation from Mesutchi & Osutchi HQ

When they changed they were both 3 years old, discipline was at 25% (something I never gave, it just seems to stay right there always) and they are both overweight into the 90's right now. The reason being is I was trying to get them overweight before the parents left, to see if they'd get all puggy and have two big faces on the screen or not from being overweight. Well i didn't get teir weight up to 99 units in time before the parent left. So instead while I was working today they changed into Debutchi because I forgot to lower their weight.


Well since I was at work I worked their weight down to 89, where they changed back into Mizatamatchi and left them at that because I was working and could not spare the time to play the game for 30 mins to get the weight back down. I'll prolly lower it tomorrow or over the next couple of days as I get time.

I will also note that since they got into this stage the food changed again. They now eat a bowl of rice and for a snack they eat some sort of food off of a stick (can't seem to recall the Japanese names for either of these at the moment...). They also are now Generation 3, 3 crowns showing. When they poop it's no longer small but adult sized as well as the skulls too.

I love generation 3, especialy the adults I will hopefully get. :)

These two characters go to bed at 8pm and get up at 9am, I'd assume the minimum weight is most likly 15 or 20 units, but I can't be sure of that.

Mizu Sleeping

October 23rd, Friday: They changed again today! I again chose to give no discipline in teh previous stage, just going with the flow, no discipline and kinda bad care, kinda average care. But I did again end u with the same Generation 3 characters I got last time. And yes, I did make the animations of them :)


Propellertchi "He's using all the rumors he's heard (and confirmed) as research for his Great Romance Novel. That's why, even though he doesn't have much actual experience in falling in love, he acts like he knows everything."- Japanese translation from Mesutchi & Osutchi HQ

Osutchi changed first and it took almost 15 mins untill the other changed! I was amazed. I am trying to treat them differantly, I guess it shows. Their poop schedule also got differant too, no longer pooping near at the same time, going often more then an hour apart. Care taking really does matter.


Batabatchi "A little chatterbox that just won't shut up when it comes to stuff about boyfriends or rumors of love. If you're foolish enough to tell know within an hour, so be careful."- Japanese translation from Mesutchi & Osutchi HQ

They both changed around the 3 o' clock hour today. The discipline remained at 25% on both of them and I would love to tell the minimum weight, but I still havn't got the weight down, they are in their 60's. I'm sure the minimum is 15-20 units or some where around there.

They are both are 5 years old today and I expect them to enter adult hood by age 8 or 9 years. Thus I'll prolly be able to mate them around age 10 or 11 years. I can't wait to get Kabutchi back! oh man do I love that guy :)

They went to bed tonight at 9pm half full hearts, they will be up tomorrow morning at 9am :) Here they are sleeping, they are very cute!

Propellertchi Sleep
Batabatchi Sleep

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